7 tips to create a freelance portfolio

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Did you know that the common link that connects all freelancers is a stunning portfolio? Be it novices or experienced freelancers, everyone in the world of freelancing is well aware of how a portfolio can make or break your freelance career. Your portfolio is your first chance to make a good impression on your client and allows them to see your expertise, experience, and potential.

So what is it that sets apart a freelancer’s portfolio?

Here are 7 special ideas for freelancers from all fields on how to create a splendid portfolio and give your project pitch a big boost!

What is a freelance portfolio?

In the simplest terms, a portfolio is the proof of your ability to do the job and gives weight to your promises in a pitch. Your aim is to showcase the best examples of your work that can convince the client of your expertise in the matter.

For example, a photographer will showcase some of their best shots while a content writer can prove their ability with their top blogs. But what if you are a fresher and are looking for your first gig?

Fret not! As a fresher, you can make your freelance portfolio with samples of your work and highlight the qualifications that can make you apt for the job.

Now that the meaning of portfolio is sufficiently covered, let us see how a remarkable freelancing portfolio can be made.

Create your portfolio website: Your portfolio must be ready before you approach your client. A very common way to do this is by creating your professional website. A catchy domain name and a logo that is captivating can leave a long-lasting impression on your clients.

Show and tell: Although the main focus of your freelance portfolio is to show your work, telling the story behind your gigs can add a positive light to it and make your client more interested in your freelancing portfolio. You can explain the process of executing the project and lay down your journey with the task. Don’t be afraid to tell the difficulties you faced but ensure to tell your story of overcoming them. Your story of defeating obstacles can instill confidence in your problem-solving skills as well.

Consider being specific: Focusing on a particular type of work you want to do requires you to be specific about the work you are most passionate about. Take time and effort to explain the kind of work you wish to do and include why you are interested in it. Here you can add your projects which are closer to your interests.

Don’t forget to mention your qualifications: With such a large focus of the portfolio being on past projects, freelancers often forget to mention how well trained they may be. Education is on equal footing with experience when it comes to a freelancing portfolio that is made to impress. Include your college education, certificate courses, online courses, and any other specific training that makes you better for the project you are applying for.

Your portfolio must be updated: Although this one goes without saying, since we are listing the important tips, mentioning this is also equally important. A freelance portfolio is only effective until it is updated. If your latest gigs are not mentioned, the clients may think twice before hiring someone who has not been active in the field. So, it is important to make time to review, revise, and update your portfolio every month at the least.

Using testimonials to up your game: Although your work speaks volumes for your proficiency, social proof of happy clients can surely get you some brownie points. Your portfolio is just the right place to include some praising testimonials from your past clients who hired you as a freelancer.

Curate your portfolio: Just as every client is not the same, every gig you apply for will not be the same either. So, on the same lines, your portfolio will have to be curated differently for each client depending on what work you are looking for and what are their requirements. For instance, if you are applying for a type of gig you have worked on before, you can include your past projects, but if it is a new gig, maybe you can include samples to support your pitch for the work.


The bottom line of any portfolio is to convince your client to do business with you, and the master tip for it is to make your work stand out of the ordinary. Therefore, the center of the portfolio should be the best of your work, showcasing how you are perfect for the gig. 

Frequently asked questions

1. Where can I get free portfolio samples?

Here are some websites where you can find free portfolio samples

  • iPortfolio
  • Astra Photography Portfolio
  • MyPortfolio
  • Agency
  • Creative Portfolio

2. Why do Freelancers need portfolios?

A freelancer’s portfolio is the tangible proof of their ability that allows the prospective client to review their work and make a decision on hiring them based on their qualifications and experience.

3. What should you not put in a portfolio?

Here are some mistakes you should avoid making while creating a portfolio

  • Putting in each and everything you have ever worked on instead of selected samples
  • Showing only one type of projects
  • Telling your whole life’s story
  • Not giving the context of your work showcased
  • Using an overly complex and congested layout

4. How should a portfolio look like?

Depending on your profession, your portfolio should be including a wide variety of work with samples, pictures, and summaries supporting them. A portfolio must not be all text or text images but rather a mix of both.

5. Can I freelance without a portfolio?

While it is totally possible to get freelancing gigs without a portfolio, a good portfolio can significantly increase your chances of bagging good gigs at competitive rates.

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