Best Freelance Sport and Fitness Careers You can Start in Dubai (2023)

Whether you're an athlete, a fitness freak or enjoy sports, freelancing in sports and fitness could be a good fit for you. Check out the article to find out more!

Sports and fitness is an extensive industry. According to a recent study by Ken Research, the global sports market will surpass $600 billion by 2025. Sports and fitness freelancers guide individuals and groups in exercise activities, such as cardio exercise, muscle training, and stretching. They can work with hospitals, clubs, hotels or resorts, yoga and Pilates studios, and gyms.

Moreover, sports and fitness professionals can also work for individual clients to meet their personal fitness goals at home. 

Whether you're an athlete, a fitness freak or enjoy sports, freelancing in sports and fitness could be a good fit for you. Professional opportunities are available in sports management, marketing, journalism, coaching, and fitness training.

Here are the five best sports and fitness freelancing careers available in Dubai, UAE. 

Fitness Trainer

Rate of job growth (2020-30): 23%

Approximate monthly salary: AED 10,000 - AED 40,000

Eligibility: Level 3 Certification/license or Diploma in personal training

Fitness trainer involves technical and practical expertise as well as wide knowledge of fitness. Is it a well-paid freelance job? It is one of the most popular jobs in Dubai as a freelancer. 

In UAE, fitness trainers often work for individual clients as personal trainers that offer the freedom to create your own schedule and charge per hour! As a freelancer, you must purchase training equipment such as mats, weights, bands and exercise balls. Perhaps, the investment cost is less and you can earn more if you can market yourself with proper branding through social media platforms.

It's possible to work as a part-time trainer in gyms or health clubs and get paid.

Sports Coach/Instructor

Rate of Job Growth (2020-30): 26%

Approximate monthly salary: AED 10,000 - AED 25,000

Eligibility: Bachelor's degree in sports medicine, kinesiology, physical education, or a related field is required; certification/licensure may be required.

Sports coaches teach athletes the skills and rules of a sport, prepare them to compete, and aid their development. Other responsibilities include developing gameplay strategies, organizing practices, and making game-time decisions.

Many coaches also scout competitors and recruit players. In the UAE, you can work as a sports instructor in gyms or sports coaching centres. Freelance tennis or swimming instructors slightly earn more payment compared to gym instructors. 

Exercise Physiologist

 Rate of Job Growth (2020-30): 13%

Approximate monthly salary: AED 23,000 - AED 50,000

Eligibility: Bachelor's degree in exercise science or kinesiology is required and Certification

Self-employed exercise physiologists research the body's reactions to exercise and physical exertion to help patients improve their fitness levels.

Athletes and physiologists collaborate to develop exercise programs that improve strength, speed, flexibility, and endurance. Their work can also aid athletes in the prevention and recovery of injuries.

Exercise physiologists may work with patients with disabilities or other chronic conditions such as heart and lung disease. They create exercise programs to achieve specific rehabilitation goals, such as improving cardiovascular function. 

Although the self-employed exercise physiologists' salary package is high, the overall jobs market is emerging and only a few companies are hiring for this position. 

Sports Consultant

Rate of Job Growth (2022-27): 21.02% 

Average monthly salary: AED 4,000 - AED 20,000

Eligibility: Master's degree, preferably in a sports-related field, is required.

Mostly sports clubs, companies and brands hire sports consultants to get insight into the sports industry to enhance their products and services. They analyze the trends to improve performance and assist in risk management, agency selection, sports marketing, compliance and law related to sports.

Freelance sports consultant work with athletes, sports teams or personalities to market them for endorsements and corporate sponsorship for sporting events.

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Sports Analyst 

Rate of Job Growth (2021-26): 11.15%

Average monthly salary: AED 8,000 - AED 25,000

Eligibility: Relevant degree or specialization diploma

Consider becoming a sports analyst if you want to be a part of the statistical revolution in sports. Sports Analysts analyze the information and sports matches through interviews, events or observations. However, it may also include prediction of game outcomes, advisory on the games and player performance. You can work as a broadcast sports analyst or statistical sports analyst. 

However, sports analysts require extensive knowledge of the sport with work ethic and passion. 

Other freelance sports and fitness careers you can try out in 2023

1. Sports writing

2. Sports photography and videography

3. Online fitness instructor

4. Yoga fitness trainer

5. Pilate instructor

6. Fitness content creator

7. Zumba trainer

8. Sports and fitness manager

9. Tennis/ swimming/ cricket coach

10. Sport dietician

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