Career Tips for Women Freelancers in Dubai

Freelancing can be highly rewarding and flexible for female entrepreneurs and freelancers in Dubai. Check out the article to read our career tips for female freelancers


The MENA region has been projecting quite a noticeable changes in female entrepreneurship by building a secure connection between potential investors and female entrepreneurs to launch their business. The Women Entrepreneurship Summit MENA identifies itself as a strategic platform serving aspiring businesswomen and freelancers in the MENA region. It stands for women empowerment by providing a platform for proficient women entrepreneurs. It supports them in networking, sharing ideas, and granting access to capital which is crucial for business development. According to the World Economic Forum, it is closing over 60 per cent of its overall gender gap.

The freelancers of Dubai has supporting initiative to help them search for work and promote their gigs. And it is the proper place for women looking for solutions to financial independence. Earlier female entrepreneurs did not get proper training, equipment, or capital. But recent progress has depicted promising outcomes. The first Women’s Economic Empowerment Global Summit has drawn the world’s attention.

The government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been serving as the leader by actively taking part in women empowerment. Women who want to work from home through freelancing have thousands of options available. And women can also step out to develop businesses in the UAE. There are associations ready to serve and guide you through the way. Some of these institutions provide the majority of the support needed by a woman beginning a business. They offer a zero-balance bank account so that women can embark on this journey without giving a doubt. 

Some of them have taken the responsibility to take care of the creatives in the private sector and help in maintaining their businesses, along with an agenda of establishing integrated and innovative business incubators. It also adopts the creative ideas of women entrepreneurs and freelancers in Dubai. Few firms have also devoted themselves to being a part of the Research and Development (R&D) in the female entrepreneur’s work.

Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone or RAKEZ, Dubai Business Women Council (DBWC), Abu Dhabi Business Women Council or ADBWC, The Dubai Women Establishment (DWE), and others have consistently been there for women to progress with their ambitions. 

According to a LinkedIn report, seventy per cent of women quit their jobs because of no flexibility. The opinion shows that women require work they can do on their schedules. In UAE, remote working permits women to maintain a work-life balance. Therefore, here we have a compilation of the best work-from-home jobs for women looking to earn a steady income by working from home. 

Work-from-home Jobs for Women in Dubai

Content writing, virtual assistant, online tutor, social media manager, entrepreneurship, customer service representative, graphic designing, digital marketing, data entry, online reselling, and other jobs have set up an instance for women to begin or continue with their work-from-home schedule. 

Freelancing currently experiencing its hike as many people turn away from the traditional day job routine. Freelance jobs in Dubai can provide freedom and perks that enable women to achieve what suits their requirements. 

Top Freelance Jobs in UAE for Women

Following are the top freelancing jobs in the UAE for women- food blogger or photography, content writer, female personal trainer, make-up artist or beauty blogger, fashion photographer or blogger, data entry, virtual assistant, henna artist, graphic designer, translator or translation service and others. 

There are many perks for female entrepreneurs and freelancers in Dubai. Freelancing can be highly rewarding and flexible because it lets you enjoy work and leisure balance, as one can opt for flexible working hours and days. However, it is essential to note that it needs a lot of patience and persistence to become the best in this field. One needs to keep working on skills and widen experiences to build a long freelancing career. 

Tips for Women Freelancers

Here are some tips women freelancers need to keep in mind if they want to develop in the said field:

1. Finding the proper niche

2. Maintaining network and communication

3. Keep improving your skills and updated in the industry

4. Know the pricing, expenses and budgeting

5. Be your own boss- handling everything from production to marketing and delivery.

In the present situation, companies do require more decisive actions. It begins with treating gender diversity, from fixing goals to holding leaders accountable for outcomes. It has the requirement to decline gender gaps in hiring and promotions. And it denotes stepping up more boldly to create a respectful and inclusive culture so women—and all employees—feel safe and supported at work. 

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