Freelance Licence & Visa in UAE: Eligibility, Validity, Price, Benefits & more

With the rising popularity of the ‘gig economy’, get the greater flexibility of working as a freelancer in Dubai. But are you confused about where to start? Check out the article to know more about the freelance permit and visa in UAE.

Freelancing has turned into one of the most popular emerging occupations today. The pandemic has shown us how most jobs are capable of high standards without going to the workplace five days a week. 

With workplaces realizing the viability of eliminating the need for the physical presence of employees and working equally productively from home, it seems like we are moving towards a future where workforces will be very different. Freelancing will increasingly become the sought-after path. 

Freelancers are becoming a more appealing alternative for short-term and long-term projects in the country. Keeping that in mind, the UAE government set policy changes in motion, providing legal frameworks for freelancing and providing freelancing permits in the UAE. 

What is a freelance permit?

As the term suggests, a freelance permit gives an individual the authority to work as a professional freelancer. The freelance permit will enable you to work under your birth name instead of a brand name. A freelancing license in Dubai and the UAE is a permit that permits a freelancer to work lawfully anywhere in the country.

What is a freelance visa, and what freelance visas does the UAE offer?

A freelance visa is a residency visa that allows an individual to stay and work in the country without a sponsor. Your freelance visa will be independent of any organization or company, more like a self-visa. 

The UAE has introduced freelancing visas for a variety of sectors. By promoting a freelance visa, the government motivates skilled and intelligent minds to usher into the country.

There are several free zones in the country that provide a multitude of freelance visas to residents and non-residents. It isn’t necessary to apply to multiple zones. A person with a freelance visa for any zone can work across the UAE in their field. 

The following are some of the professional freelance visas that the UAE offers:


Dubai Design District offers freelance visas to freelancing apparel designers, interior artists, fashion stylists, consultants, and many more.


In particular, there are two zones that provide freelance visas to researchers, coaches, and trainers in the UAE: Dubai Knowledge Park and Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone. 

'Talent Pass’

The "Talent Pass’ is a three-year visa that includes Dafza office space for professional individuals in media, education, art, technology, marketing, and consultancy. 

The Dubai Airport, Free Zone Authority (Dafza), Dubai Culture, and the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) introduced it. 

Umm al-Quwain

The UAQ free trade zone is one of the most affordable freelance permit options. For single enterprises, it provides the best value for money. They set the most reasonable charges for freelance visa fees and annual renewal.


The Ajman Free Zone offers one of the most affordable freelance visas in the UAE. Aside from the cost, another advantage of this solution: one license can sponsor two resident visas. 


Fujairah Creative City provides a wide range of options: 

Flexi desk, online assistance, internet access, PO box, and PRO services. 

The minimum price for the same would be at least AED 5,700. 


The free zone is specifically for media workers. The Sharjah Free Zone package includes one resident visa for a single shareholder. In practicality, it is a conventional company license but marketed as a freelance license owing to its low cost and requirement of a single shareholder.

What documents will you require to obtain a freelance visa?

Passport copy

Visa and Emirates ID copy (only for UAE residents)

Recent photo


Work Portfolio

The UAE is an excellent spot to start your freelancing career because it is one of the safest countries in the world. According to studies, more than 60% of UAE citizens would like to work as freelancers if given the opportunity.

So, getting a freelancer visa in Dubai might need some financial backing. But several freelancing visa services in Dubai can help you with the freelance permit process.

Previously, due to high expenses, tight company licensing, and visa rules, freelancing in the UAE was not a suitable career option. However, the change in the overall economic structure made individuals opt for freelancing as an alternative to regular employment. 

What is the cheapest freelance visa in the UAE?

The cost of a freelance visa in Dubai may differ based on the location of the free zone where you desire to register. 

How can people apply for a freelance visa?

If you’re a UAE resident, you can work as a full-time freelance professional with a freelance permit. If you are a non-resident, you will need to apply for a freelancer visa, which is residency permission that allows you to operate as a freelancer in the UAE.

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Contact one of the professional freelance visa service providers in the UAE to get the latest pricing for the freelance visa and permit.

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