Freelancing as an Animator: A Brief Guide

There is a high demand for animators in the market. Therefore, to stay afloat and manage your expenses, check out the guide on how to freelance as an animator in the UAE.


Most people in the animation business find themselves in positions where they are self-employed, either running a tiny business or working as freelance animators. Even if you end up landing a well-paying job in a good company, there is a very high chance that you might quit by the end of two or three years. 

The reason is that the competition is cut-throat, and the industry tends to be work driven, so the chances of having a secure job are higher only when there is a very high demand for animators in the market. Therefore, to stay afloat and manage your expenses, understanding the rules of freelancing shall help you immensely. In this article, you shall receive a brief guide on how to freelance as an animator in the UAE.

Sharpen Your Skills

The first task before you embark upon your freelancing journey is to ensure that you get good at the job that you intend to do. As an animation student, you may have embarked upon several projects. However, you must sharpen your skills and practice until you are professional. 

You have to deliver quality and creative work to survive the competitive market. 

Develop Your Time Management Skills

Remember that an animator shall work with several exhausting deadlines, and if you fail to keep up with the same, your clients will not choose you. Secondly, even if you submit your demo reel on time, it may come back with several changes suggested, so you have to plan and manage your time accordingly.

Working on Your Demo Reel

Your demo reel or short video is your shop front or the chance to display your talent. You cannot afford to make any mistakes at this point. 

Your potential clients take only a glance at your reel to determine whether they like it or not. So you have to make it eye-catching and relevant and give it your best shot. Make a story board create animations and develop a short video out of it.

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Creating your Client Base

Once you have sharpened your skills and prepared your demo reels, you can start approaching people to give you projects. In the beginning, you may have to take up some pro bono work. Do not refuse the first couple of pro bono jobs since that will give you the exposure, experience and some good contacts you may be able to encase upon later. 

Start reaching out to people you know may require an animator and track a record of your loyal clients who give you more than one project and are your recurring clients.

Start your Freelance Profile

Create your profile on a freelancing website. Some websites you can use are:

Upwork (They provide a review section, your hourly fee and other relevant details and are very user-friendly.)

Truelancer (This website allows users to compare freelancers offering the same service and approved by customers.)

LinkedIn (This is the most avenue for you to build your connections anywhere in the world)

We Work Remotely (With more than 2.5 million monthly users and growing, this website claims to be the largest remote work community in the world, thus providing several job opportunities.)

You can, therefore, choose to set up your freelance profile on any of these profile websites. You can add the reviews from the clients you have catered to in these profiles to attract more customers. 

To be an Animator in the UAE

Firstly, you can sign up for any animation courses in the UAE. Several online websites offer courses on animation. Edarabia currently offers approximately 25 courses. 

If you want a proper degree, you can sign up for the Bachelor in Animation Course from SAE University or the Digital Animation Program from the American University in the Emirates. Once you have developed your required skills, you should get the latest professional equipment.

Websites like Film District Dubai offer studios for animation video production in Dubai and other equipment. Finally, you should sign up on the freelance animators’ profiles to enlist as a freelance animator and embark on your journey.

Are you ready to start freelancing as an animator in Dubai, UAE?

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