Freelancing in the UAE: Essential factors to consider

Looking to scale your freelance career? This article is for you to start freelancing in UAE.

Amidst the stress of having no job security in today's uncertain world, now seems like the right time to try freelancing in the UAE. Apart from providing a side income that can help you in various aspects, freelancing in the UAE can help you do what you love in your spare time and monetize them. However, these are not the only benefits that freelancing in the UAE entails.

Benefits of freelancing

Freelancing full-time comes with a variety of benefits, especially in the UAE.

- Flexibility with work timings: Working as a freelancer can help you enjoy flexible work timings. You will not be restricted to a set time and will not be pressurized to finish your work without any prior consideration of your time.

- Freedom to work for yourself: Freelancing allows you to become your own boss. You will have the Freedom2Work for yourself and will be able to set your own deadlines, select your own tasks, and decide how you would like your day to be.

- Flexibility to work only on what you like: With freelancing, you can select the tasks that you would like to work on and not scramble to work on tasks that would simply be assigned to you.

- Flexibility to work from wherever you want: Freelancing does not restrict you to an office. You can work from wherever you like. You can either work from the comfort of your home in that comfortable pair of sweats or relax by the sea while working on what you love.

However, this does not mean that freelancing does not have any cons. As compared to a full-time 9 to 5 job, freelancing will often not allow for benefits such as insurance or travel benefits; it is important to know that this may differ depending on the company a freelancer is working with. Read more on the top reason to start freelancing in the UAE here.

Freelancing in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is increasingly gaining popularity as one of the best places to work as a freelancer in. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, advanced technological developments, hassle-free license, and visa processes, a high-quality lifestyle, and much more, the UAE is a haven for freelancers looking to startup and scale their businesses.

In the UAE, a freelancer would require to apply for a freelance permit and a residence visa to work from within the country. You will be able to scale your freelance business in the UAE with the right permit, and Freedom2Work can help you in this regard.

But, before we dive into the process of applying for a freelance permit, there are a few factors that need to be considered when starting a freelancing career in the UAE. Read on to know more:

- Find your niche: Finding a niche may not always be a requirement when starting a freelancing career in the UAE, but it is better to find out your area of expertise instead of being a Jack of all trades. Companies looking to hire freelancers often look for people who are experts at what they do.

- Services offered: Once you have chosen your niche, you must be clear on the work you would do specifically the tasks that would and would not do. This would help define your roles and clear any confusion related to the job.

- Having a website: While this is not a necessity, having a website that showcases your work profile is a great way to demonstrate your skills and achievements. In addition to this, companies will be able to reach you easily. 

- Charging the right amount: Just as overpricing your services is not a good thing, underpricing them is not a good thing either. If you charge an amount that is higher than the task is worth, companies will likely look for someone who charges the right rate; on the other hand, charging a low rate for work that could be worth more might be a demotivating factor and could let you or your efforts be taken for granted. This is why it is important to charge the right rate for the work you are delivering. To do this, take a minute to assess how much other freelancers charge for the same work or how much different companies are willing to pay for the same.

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There are many freelancing platforms over the internet that can allow you to get started with freelancing easily. You can simply start by creating a profile on the freelancing website, updating and uploading your resume, and customizing your profile by adding the skills that you are an expert in. These websites even allow you to add a video introduction if you wish to add a personal touch to your profile. You can also choose the payment type you wish to receive, and once your profile is set up, you can simply start submitting your profile to jobs that seem right for you.

How can Freedom2Work help?

Freedom2Work is a one-stop shop for freelancing in the UAE. We provide assistance with helping you set up your freelance career in the UAE. You will be able to apply for a freelance license and residence visa with Freedom2Work. Get in touch with our in-house experts today at, visit our website at, or simply call our toll-free number at 800-FREEDOM (373 3366).


While freelancing full-time might seem scary at first, it can grant you the independence and liberty to choose what work you would want to do and can be a great motivating factor in becoming a success. 

However, when choosing to register as a freelancer, you must ensure to check the credibility of the website or the company. There are many companies out there that get the work done and promise to pay handsomely but never end up keeping the end of their bargain. Therefore, to be able to steer clear of such fraudulent jobs, you must do your due diligence before you share your details.

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Freelancing in the UAE: Top Questions

1. Which of the following criteria do you need to consider while choosing a freelancing platform?

When evaluating these markets, the most important variables to consider are their price structure, the typical project budget, and the most common sorts of freelance projects.

2. How can I apply for a freelance permit in Dubai?

You can apply for a freelance permit in Dubai with Freedom2Work, your one-stop-shop for freelancing in the UAE. Simply get in touch with us through our website; email us at; or call our toll-free number at 800-FREEDOM (3733366)

3. Will I require a residence visa to apply for a freelance license?

Yes, you will need a residence visa to apply for a freelance license to live and work in the UAE.

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