Guide to become a Freelance Content Creator in 2023

Feb 9, 2023

We might have noticed content creators are everywhere, in every platform from Instagram to YouTube. The market is expected to record a CAGR of 12.2% between 2022-2032, reaching US$ 47.2 billion from US$ 14.9 billion currently. The widespread usage of social media platforms and advertising through the internet contributes to the expansion of the content creator market.

It's one of the best freelance jobs you can enjoy! Following your passion, you can create content on anything! You just need to create great content to capture the attention, ideally by adding graphics, precise messages, and creative representation!

Isn't it true that for all of this to be perfect? You can really say yes and no to this question! However, one might wonder how freelance content creators could make money? You might have already seen your favorite brands using content creators or influencers for advertisement campaigns of new products.

What does a content creator really do? Well, it depends. Content creators often turn out to be influencers! So, they can endorse brands by generating content. This article will tell you about the revenue opportunities available to video content creators.

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How much does a content creator earn? (Content Creator Salary in Dubai)

Beginner Content creators in Dubai can earn an average of AED 6,000- AED 10,000. Top-tier content creators earn between AED 20,000 - AED 40,000. It all depends on the brand sponsorships. Content creators have a lot of opportunities to make money, including advertisements, affiliates, brand sponsorships, or by selling merchandise.

How do content creators make money?

1. Advertisement, 2. Subscription, 3. Brand Sponsorship, 4. Affiliate Programs, 5. Fan Funding, 6. Publishing, 7. Sales-Based Income, 8. Consultant, 9. Courses

- Advertisements

One of the most effective ways to increase revenue for your video is through advertising. You've probably seen short advertisements while watching a video on YouTube, where you can 'skip ad' in some cases but are required to watch it all the way through in others.

The video creator earns payments for including or adding short segments to eligible videos. 

- Subscription

As is the case, large OTT platforms earn millions of dollars per month or year from their subscribers. Many video creators, like Youtubers, request that viewers subscribe to their channels. As a result, video creator content attracts subscribers and generates a lot of money.

- Brand Sponsorship

Sponsoring your video would undoubtedly influence viewers while increasing the value or quality of your video content. You'll need to develop creative video content to build loyalty and reputation among your target audiences to accomplish this. As a result, credible businesses will be willing to pay for your video content to market their goods and services.

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- Affiliate Programs

As you may have noticed, creators include affiliate codes in their content to sell or promote specific brand products. Video creators can also join affiliate networks and advertise a company's products in their videos for as little as seven seconds. For example, you've probably seen some video creators promote a brand in the middle of a video and ask viewers to visit a specific URL or code. In this case, video artists serve as a middleman in exchange for traffic on merchant websites as a recommendation.

- Fan funding

Many well-known video creators receive large sums of money through donations or fan funding as a reward for their support. Video content creators, on the other hand, make money from channel memberships. Fans and followers are charged a fee in exchange for access to additional content.

- Publishing

One of the simplest ways to generate revenue is to licence your ebook, blog post, movie, music track, artwork, or photograph to other companies for a fee. You can make a good living from your creations if they are unique and add significant value to the company.

At the high end of the scale, a publisher can earn $13,000 per month for five books, a blogger $375 per piece, and a director $26,250 for ten films. The typical commission ranges from 30% to 70% of the wholesale price.

- Sales-Based Income

Among the most well-known content creators who sell merchandise are PewDiePie, Dude Perfect, and Logan Paul. According to new research, YouTuber merch can generate ten times the gross revenue of advertisements.

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- Consultant

Working as a consultant, coach, or mentor may provide a more stable income than developing courses. Michelle Schroeder, for example, transitioned from freelance writer to content strategy consultant. She has paid off her debt of $40,000 and is now able to travel full-time. Freelance consultants typically charge between $30 and $250 per hour, making this a great way to supplement your income during difficult times.

- Courses

Individuals purchase online courses in diverse sectors. You can create a course curriculum or modules to upload on relevant sites. 

Coursera, for example, attracted 35 million students between March and July 2020. Smaller players may capitalise on the growing demand for online learning to take advantage of emerging social norms. The price of your course, the size of your audience, and your conversion rate all influence your earning potential. The average course costs $187.59, with a mid-level conversion rate of 2% to 5%.

Is it worth it to become a content creator?

Yes, content creators will be popular in 2023, and now is the ideal time to enter this industry.

Are you ready to start your journey as a freelance content creator? Learn the tips to get started as a freelance content creator!


You can make a lot of money by creating video content, and if you are stuck with ideas, keep the tips above in mind. Another critical aspect of making money with content creation is finding effective ways to monetise your videos. It's also because the more unique and high-quality videos you make available, the more people will watch and download them. Also, remember that content is king, so focus on the quality of your film and its content.

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