Guide to Becoming a Freelance Web Developer in the UAE

As the IT sector evolves, web developers are highly sought-after in every industry. With the latest skill set, you can start freelancing as a web developer in the UAE. Check out the article to find more.


Websites are a world of their own. Those meticulously placed words, pictures, and links create a proper aesthetic suited to the purpose. We refer to the field related to the creation of the same as web development, wherein the plans laid out by web designers are translated into functioning websites by coding. Sounds fascinating? Here is some information related to the field to get you to kick start as a web developer!

If you consider the work as a freelance web developer, there are three general categories of web development:

1. Front End Developers

Front-end web developers do anything from working on a long-term projects for established firms to SMEs. As a front-end developer, you can hone skills while working for various clients. It is one of the dynamic and flexible techniques to start freelancing as a web developer.

2. Back End Developers

While the front-end developers handle what we see- the user interface of a website.

The back-end developers make everything run smoothly by doing the background work. They work on the back-end functionalities, including integrations, coding, and more.

3. Full Stack Developers 

Full-stack developers are simply programmers who have worked on both the front-end and back-end of a website.

What are the pre-requisite skills you will need to know?

1. Programming Languages

There are languages one needs to learn to code, depending on the three categories one wants to pursue. 

For front-end development, some popular languages are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. For back-end development- PHP, Ruby, and Python.

2. WordPress

WordPress is a web development software that allows web designers to create, publish, and manage digital material.

3. Version Control

The technique of tracking and controlling changes to the source code of a website or web application is version control. It makes sure that one doesn’t lose their work over endless revisions. 

Where can you learn these skills?

Now that we have narrowed down the fundamental skills you require. It's time to choose a suitable format to learn the same. Here are some common avenues for the same:

1. Coding Bootcamp

2. Online Coding Tutorials

3. Online Coding Courses

Earnings as a web developer

Web development is a well-paying job, with a median annual salary of $69,430, regardless of expertise. Naturally, the web languages you know will significantly affect your compensation and the employment you can get.

How to enter the web development field?

1. Mock coding projects

Although, we do not recommend unpaid projects. You should not wait for that first paid gig to test your coding skills.

Try and work on mock projects, such as model websites for fictional brands or potential makeovers of a genuine site. It would help you create your portfolio for your work. 

2. Develop your portfolio 

After developing your mock-up projects, make a concise and easily accessible digital portfolio with the projects to garner clients.

3. A good-to-go elevator pitch 

While you bounce between job listings and assembling your portfolio, there might be a situation where you’re all of a sudden faced with someone who offers you a dream job right that instant. Keep that improved pitch ready!

You'll need to master the web-development skills, and once you do, it'll be one of the easiest entry-level tech jobs to acquire as a freelancer. The evolving IT sector frequently employs developers primarily on their portfolio and code, rather than previous work experience.

In the UAE, you must have a freelance permit and visa to begin freelancing as a web developer.

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