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Guide to Types of Freelance Writing

May 18, 2023

When it comes to freelancing and writing for pay, you may perform a tonne of various types of writing. You can decide what kind of writing you will undertake depending on what you are comfortable with, what interests you, or what your skills are. Your financial requirements or circumstances occasionally influence your choice of writing style. 

In this article, the most common types of freelance writing are discussed as follows:

1. Technical Writing

Consider that you might be strong at technical writing if you have experience in a particular discipline like engineering, computer science, or medicine. Manuals, SOPs, and evaluation reports are written in this discipline with other professionals in their field in mind. However, technical writing also includes business planning, legal summaries, grant proposal writing, curriculum, and instructional or training materials. 

Technical writing is an excellent fit for people who naturally write in a more formal style and who are adept at organizing content, workflow, information, and data. Technical writing is where to start if you have been told you can explain complicated subjects.

2. Copywriting

The copywriter excels in creating marketing and promotional materials. Understanding that the primary objective of this kind of writing is to sell is crucial if you want to become a copywriter. Copywriters work on several materials to market, promote, or persuade the reader to take action.

3. Content Writing

Writing content for the internet is known as content writing. These can include social media updates, blog entries, op-ed pieces, personal essays, and magazine features. If you're new to the field, it's probably one of the most popular types of freelance writing and a fantastic place to start.

Content writing might have an informative, entertaining, promotional, or instructive aim. The aims of the customer greatly influence the length and format options. Understanding your target audience, how content format relates to user intent, and search engine optimization will help you generate content more effectively.

4. Journalism

Traditional journalism is a different genre of freelancing. These authors focus on producing investigative reports and feature articles about a subject or event. Newspaper stories are frequently longer assignments with strict deadlines. Presenting facts confirmed and backed up by first-person interviews, statistics, and other sources is the primary goal of journalistic writing. It's crucial to pay close attention to the little things and have the research skills to find reliable sources to confirm the authenticity of your writing. Although it can be a rich industry, it can be challenging to break into if you're a beginning writer or need the necessary credentials.

5. Transcription

Transcription entails converting audio and video files into text. Transcription is translating an audio-information visual into text without distorting its original meaning. You type the words and sentences in the order that they appear. You can alter it a little, but the primary thing to remember is to use punctuation as often as possible. Audiobooks, Hansard departments, movie subtitles, and other areas use transcription frequently. Transcription aims to improve memory retention and comprehension and even to assist those who are deaf or cannot read.

6. Academic Writing

This freelance work entails creating content to meet clients' academic needs. In contrast to producing articles, the writer makes well-researched information and provides accurate, verifiable citations. It is a freelance writing job that pays the bills for numerous freelance writers. However, many continue to question whether this is a legitimate online profession, labelling it as academic fraud.

7. Resume Writer

As implied by the name, resume writers create resumes. Many folks are utterly confused about where to begin when writing a CV. Upon reentering the job market, people frequently require assistance updating and modernizing their resumes, especially if it has been some time since they have had to look for employment. These services are available online for anyone seeking a new résumé, but dealing with a freelancer is more individualized and one-on-one.

Influential freelance resume writers understand how to take someone's talents and experience and transform them into a resume that obtains interviews. Along with drafting the resume, resume writing typically involves good formatting skills.

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