How Do You Ask for Reviews From Your Clients in Your Freelance Business?

Above, 86% of people consider reviews when choosing a product or service. Reviews offer more visibility so that you get more business! Check out the article to learn how to get reviews from clients!

Asking for reviews from clients is a great marketing tool for freelancers. Getting feedback from clients is a step toward scaling your freelance business to acquire new clients. By seeking reviews from clients, you can also demonstrate your experience, values, and skills to prospective clients. It gives new clients a sense of trust in the work you do. Positive reviews also increase your brand value, online reputation, and negotiating power. Another great way of seeking reviews is through testimonials. Testimonials are reviews from clients that rate your work and are a great advertising tool and part of branding.

It is essential to maximize the value of these reviews. Some of these ways in which a freelancer may seek reviews from clients to the best extent are as follows:

1. Ask questions strategically

When you approach an old client, it is essential to frame questions in a manner that aligns strategically. The eventual review would have some basic questions, such as: what made the client initially choose you? If the client could provide you with specific aspects that exceeded their expectations, that would be why they would recommend you for work for others. 

The responses to these questions can form a coherent and effective review from the client and act as a testimonial. 

2. Use an accessible medium

We must ask for feedback strategically. You ensure easy and trusted media, such as emails or written questionnaires. It gives the clients flexibility and independence to send responses on their timelines. It also makes it easier for you to extract and display testimonials for prospective clients. Compare this to a phone call, where the feedback might be general and rushed but does not weigh in with a written testimonial. You should formulate a process that works for you. 

For instance, you can also collect project reviews, hold episodic check-in meetings during the project, or encourage Google reviews or reviews on other relevant social media platforms. The important thing is to be consistent with asking for feedback to highlight the diversity of work you have done and the clients. Ask for reviews. A client would be more than happy to share their experience with you. 

3. Make clients comfortable and establish that you are open to genuine feedback

Usually, old clients might be apprehensive about sharing honest feedback. However, the clients would also be comfortable sharing their feedback if you told them that you would appreciate the feedback and integrate it into your future work. Apart from this, it is also relevant to be consistent with seeking reviews from clients. Even clients who might have been happy with your work sometimes fail to provide reviews. While you should respect your client’s space and timeline, it is significant to remind them periodically, formally, and professionally. It is also not impolite to reach out to old clients whose testimonials can aid you in the long term. It might just be a way to open up and reconnect with them for any further work as well while getting reviews from clients. 

4. Informal feedback is also relevant

We should not only take feedback and reviews from clients for marketing reasons but also to introspect and find takeaways. Informal feedback (for example, through open-ended questions) gives more room for interpretation and gives you a greater chance to introspect your work than formalized questions. Be a good listener to your client, as it would end up helping the client. And you get a good testimonial for yourself in return!  

5. Testimonials undeniably influence your business

Powerful customer reviews might make a difference in potential customers' decisions to choose you over your competitor. They remind clients of your expertise. And they can see that the people you have worked with have genuinely valued your work.

So, as a freelancer, you should also be open to feedback and acknowledge that such feedback aids in understanding your limitations and helps you put your best foot forward. 

Do not be weary of negative reviews from clients. Instead, reviews help to build a healthy relationship with clients based on constructive feedback. If you want to gain meaningful feedback from your clients, take the first step today, devise your questionnaire, and send it to your clients. 

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