How to Become a Digital Marketing Freelancer in Dubai?

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In today's article, we will discuss a complete guide to becoming a digital marketing freelancer in Dubai. But, before we get started, here are the fundamentals.

Who is a digital marketing freelancer?

Let's look at what a digital marketer freelancer does before we get into how to become one.

Freelance digital marketers work for businesses, typically small businesses or start-ups. Digital marketing includes a wide range of services:

1. Content creation 2. Social media marketing 3. Building and managing websites 4. Creating and running digital ads and campaigns 5. Design services such as graphic design, User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) design, or video production 6. Hosting webinars or running podcasts 7. Creating a marketing or brand strategy 8. Email marketing and campaigns 9. Marketing research and analytics

How to become a freelancer in Dubai?

A license and permit from the relevant authority, either mainland or free zone, are required to establish a freelancing company. Importantly, to work as a freelancer in Dubai, one must have a work permit or a residence visa. 

What skills must a digital marketing freelancer have?

A freelance digital marketer must have specialty-specific core skills and business skills. Furthermore, to be a successful freelance digital marketer, you must be a proactive self-learner and a good collaborator. The fundamental skill is to meet deadlines or deliver on metrics promises.

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11 Steps to become a digital marketing freelancer

Step 1: Determine Your Marketing Specialties

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for various marketing efforts that necessitate diverse skills such as content writing and social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Concentrate on a few skills that relate to your natural abilities or experience. It will allow you to enjoy your work more.

Step 2: Create Your Brand

Branding is everything in the digital age. Create a personal brand. Clients usually work with freelancers they already know or who recommend to them. As a result, you must publicize your work to your network.

Step 3: Legally Register- Freelance Permit/license in Dubai

Get your freelance license as soon as possible. The benefit of getting a freelance permit for your freelance business is credibility and you can work legally in the UAE. However, you will need a visa first. If you're a non-resident, you must get a resident visa to apply for a freelance permit.

The documents necessary for obtaining the licenses would be as follows:

1. Attested relevant degrees;

2. Resume;

3. If you're already a resident of UAE, no-objection certificate from the current sponsor;

4. Passport and visa copy.

Tax Implications as a Freelancer in Dubai

Individuals working as freelancers in the UAE do not have to pay personal or corporate taxes. The only tax you may have to pay is VAT, which includes:

If your annual income exceeds Dhs. 375,000, you must register for VAT.

If you earn between Dhs. 187,500 and Dhs. 375,000, you can register for VAT; anyone earning less than these amounts does not need to register.

Anyone earning less than these amounts is exempt from VAT registration.

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Step 4: Strengthen Your Business and Entrepreneurship Skills

To be a successful freelance digital marketer, you must have more than just your core skills. For example, even if you are an excellent writer or a highly successful social media marketer, you will require good business acumen to keep your company running in the long run.

Step 5: Establish a Proposal Creation System

Templatize your work to make it easier! A typical digital marketing proposal should include two types of information: logistical information and a pitch.

First, decide on a few headers you must include in any proposal, and then customize further based on the client's specific needs.

Step 6: Fix Your Prices

Successful freelance digital marketers understand the price of their services. However, in the early stages of your career, you may not have many benchmarks on which to base your pricing strategy. Networking with others in the same profession and conducting secondary research are two simple ways to develop a pricing strategy.

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Step 7: Join Online Freelance Platforms 

If you want to work as a freelance digital marketer, you should familiarise yourself with online platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. These are online marketplaces that connect freelance digital marketers with potential clients. Getting clients is determined by how well you build your profile and the pricing of your services.

Step 8: Promote Your Freelance Work Availability online

LinkedIn has a creator mode where you can publish your services. Make the most of the feature by posting relevant updates about your digital marketing services regularly.

Step 9: Connect with Other Freelancers 

Networking with other freelancers will help you understand the intricacies of the digital marketing industry and will increase your visibility. You can connect with freelancers in your niche by searching LinkedIn.

Step 10: Build a Loyal Customer Base

High-paying clients for digital marketing professionals will always come through recommendations. As a result, turn your existing client base into fans. You can also ask your clients to provide LinkedIn testimonials.

Step 11: Monitor Your Expenses

Most of the time, digital marketing agencies and freelancers are not given payments in advance. As a result, to keep your business running smoothly, you must maintain financial discipline. 

Ensure that you state payment terms clearly in your agreements, raise invoices on time, and receive complete and timely payments, which may necessitate some follow-up.

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