How to Become a Freelance Financial Analyst in Dubai?

Feb 10, 2023


Employers across the globe are increasingly looking for qualified people to do financial analysis for their companies with the recent expansion of the business and financial markets. According to Forbes, there would be a demand for experts in many other professions to be outpaced by the rising demand for financial analysts. If you have a knack for mathematics and analytical thinking, becoming a financial analyst is your way of freelancing! So, let's explore how to be a freelance financial analyst in the article. 

What does a Financial Analyst Do?

Financial analysts analyze economic trends, recent business news, and the overall business plan to give corporations and people knowledgeable advice on business investment decisions. 

The job of a financial analyst includes a lot of data and calls for excellent mathematical and analytical abilities. Large enterprises like investment banks, insurance companies, and other comparable entities are potential employers for financial analysts. Although the intricacies of what a financial analyst does can vary, they frequently carry out the following tasks:

1. Create monetary models to perform financial predictions for a company. 

2. Project future business conditions, and give additional data analysis to aid financial decision-making.

3. To offer context for corporate decisions, research economic and business trends.

4. Support organizations' budgetary initiatives

5. Compile written reports on the state of the economy and suggestions

Skills Required to be a Financial Analyst

The following skills are a must for a financial analyst:

1. Proficiency in financial modeling techniques

2. Excellent command of Excel operations and calculations

3. Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting/Finance/Economics

4. Strong aptitudes for analysis and data collection

5. Proven work experience in a position that requires a lot of math

6. Outstanding interpersonal and problem-solving abilities

Why should you be a financial analyst in Dubai?

Thanks to the rapidly expanding world and technology, the financial sector strengthened, and businesses now consider freelancers for the erstwhile regular jobs. Freelancing in the financial sector has become possible because of the internet and cloud computing. Businesses in Dubai are not shying away from outsourcing this crucial task for their company. 

As one of the leading business centers, Dubai is home to SMEs and large enterprises. It makes Dubai an apt city for you to kickstart your career as a freelance financial analyst. Moreover, freelancing has advantages, such as flexibility, work-life balance, freedom of choosing the projects you work on, and being your boss. 

Finding Gigs as a freelance financial analyst in Dubai

If you are fresher in freelancing and financial analysis, you should start by gaining experience. You can do this by various means, such as

- Internships

- Taking up small projects with small businesses

- Join a course or a training course

- Start a finance blog 

- Do some pro bono work for a small business

If you have the requisite experience, the following are the best way to find gigs as a freelance financial analyst

1. Attend Financial Workshops and seminars

2. Join a Network of Financial Analysts

3. Register on Freelance Marketplaces

4. Create a professional profile on LinkedIn

5. Have your website.

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The uptick in freelancing services across the UAE clearly shows that freelancing is the way of the future. Companies start to outsource intrinsic jobs to freelancers as it leads to more efficiency in the work. It is time that we stop seeing freelancing as an industry for just content writers and graphic designers. Freelancing is now a part of an all-inclusive industry comprising a wide range of professions.

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