How to Become a Freelance Illustrator in Dubai?

Working as a freelance illustrator in Dubai provides many artists with the desired creative freedom. Check out the article to find out how to start freelancing as illustrator in Dubai.

Going freelance is a hot topic in 2022, but it's simpler to say than to do. Working as a freelance illustrator in Dubai provides many artists with the desired creative freedom. However, it also entails several duties that can deter ambitious independent artists. We're here to assist you to the best possible start if you're wondering how to become a freelance illustrator. Though working for yourself is not simple, if you keep these suggestions in mind, you'll be well on your road to success.

Tips to start your career as a Freelance Illustrator in Dubai

Understand the scope of the job and determine your niche

Knowing what the job entails is the first step toward success in any field. Even though illustration seems quite simple, you should still be aware of the range of jobs available in this field. Publishing and editorial projects, private commissions and exhibited artwork, advertising materials, product design, animation, and motion graphic projects, among others, are the most common types of illustration projects.

Build a strong portfolio

Now that you have a general understanding of the freelance illustration industry. Now, let's work to build an impressive portfolio. It should go without saying that the key to capturing the attention and trust of potential customers is to have a professional, user-friendly website that elegantly showcases your previous accomplishments and skills. Getting your domain name and potentially an email address with that domain name is required. All three platforms, WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace, offer affordable packages to make this simple to set up.

Always prioritize quality over quantity in the content of your portfolio. It may be irresistible for aspiring illustrators to post multiple samples of their work, but it's better to pick the ones that most closely match the type of work you want. 

If you have a variety of works to display, be sure to group them into separate tabs to keep your website navigable. Customers should be able to pick up references for your abilities.

Get a freelance license from the government authorities

Check out our previous blog to see what activities you can register for in Dubai as a freelance designer or illustrator. Additionally, they have provided a list of commonly asked questions, visa requirements, costs, and all other pertinent information about working as a freelancer in Dubai.

Use your personal network and social media to find clients

The most crucial task is finding your initial clients if you want to learn how to work as a freelance graphic designer in Dubai who stays in business rather than returns to their day job. Image-based websites like Instagram are crucial for illustrators. They are a potential gold mine if you exploit them well. Joining illustrator communities is another option.

You probably have a sizable personal network if you've had a desk job previously or have been a student for some time. You can use that to your advantage if you want to work as a freelance graphic designer. Consider the friends or relatives who might need a Freelance Graphic Designer in Dubai rather than hurling out social media postings into the abyss.

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Network! Develop a connection with clients

Let's talk about consumer loyalty while we're discussing marketing. When you first start, you'll probably be more worried about gaining new clients than loyal ones. However, a significant percentage of a freelance illustrator's business comes from repeat customers and recommendations, so it's critical to consider customer loyalty from the beginning. Usually, when you introduce yourself, a solid worker-client relationship starts. A strong pitch not only demonstrates your insight and initiative but also demonstrates your sincere interest in the job of a possible customer.

Start by researching the products and services of your client, then put what you know to good use. Art directors ultimately search for artists that want to work with them to produce the greatest possible output. You gain points for caring by demonstrating it. If you adhere to them, you can soon find yourself in one of the highest-paying freelancing positions. So, now you have a guide to becoming a Freelance Graphic Designer in Dubai. 

Start by applying for a freelance visa and license. 

How can Freedom2Work help?

Freelancing in Dubai is now made easier with Freedom2Work. At Freedom2Work, we help you kick start your freelance career by helping you choose the right business activity for your skills and enjoy a hassle-free experience when applying for a license and visa.

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Photo by Milad Fakurian on Unsplash

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