How to Become a Freelancer Programmer in the UAE?

Programming is one of the lucrative profession perfect for those ready to spend time in front of the computer. If you want to start as a freelancer, check out the article to find out more.

Programming has become one of the most lucrative and essential tools for professionals today. It has applications in fields ranging from financial technology to scientific research. It is also the backbone of the thousands of internet applications that make modern life possible, from e-commerce websites to social media to learning platforms. Therefore, it is natural for individuals to consider learning this skill to excel and efficiently deliver on their respective jobs in the current market.

Which programming language to learn first as a beginner?

You got a ready answer: Python. Python is one of the most widely used programming languages, and while other popular languages like JavaScript exist, the popularity of Python in the programming community is almost unmatched. There are several reasons for this, not least because the programming language is flexible for beginners to read and learn. 

How to start coding from the zero level?

First: don’t panic! You would be stunned to learn of the sheer resources available online. If you’re wondering how to start coding for free, you can take one of those thousands of free Python boot camps on YouTube. 

Or, if you shell out some money (which is worth it!), the course on Udemy by Dr. Angela Yu is one of the best courses available for learning the language. The curriculum is bite-sized skill lessons to reach your goal in 100 days.

Remember, the best way to learn to program is by actually applying the skills. It wouldn’t make much sense to create a repertoire of commands if you don’t understand the various situations in which you would implement them. So go for a boot camp and stick to your schedule!

How to start coding in Python?

Python programming is one of the most fun activities people can learn because the syntax is quite intuitive. It is one of the simplest programming languages to pick up. Join a boot camp, and go through tasks where you’re actively building stuff. 

Start with an overview of programming and simple models–like a calculator, while gradually progressing toward the more complicated territory. 

If you get comfortable with the language, you can even chart out into data science and machine learning to use the language. Bootcamps on YouTube, or lessons on Udemy, are an excellent way to go about this and are structured with clear milestones. It is applicable if you’re wondering how to learn to code at home or are looking for lessons on coding for kids.

Algorithms and Data Structures

Coding is dependent on algorithms. Algorithms are sets of steps toward completing an activity. Think of yourself making a cup of instant coffee. First, take some coffee powder, pour hot water, and stir it all up. That right there is an algorithm. Understandably, algorithms can get complicated at times–and in such circumstances, we would have to use data structures to store appropriate data throughout our code.

Design Patterns

A design pattern is a general repeatable solution to a common problem one encounters while designing programs. Think of them as a recipe for a dish you can customize with some minor changes. These are covered in all Python boot camps as you get more comfortable with the code and the structures that underlie the language.


A database is a collection of structured information stored electronically on a computer system. Understandably, it would be rather tedious to re-create the data that you expect code to work on – like, say, the share price information for specific company stocks on a stock exchange – every time you sit down to code. Therefore, programming approaches generally enable us to store data in databases that you can import into our programming code.

Programming is an amusing skill that can have dramatic implications for your career. 

We hope that this article has been of value to you and that you can use it to kickstart your learning activities.

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