How to Choose the Right Side Hustle in Dubai ?

"Side hustle" is a phenomenon of this digital age! If you can earn a little extra money, why say no to a side hustle? You can pick up a side hustle that could improve your overall quality of life. How to choose a side hustle that works for you? Read to find out more!

Recent years have been an eye-opener for almost every aspect of professional life as much as any other. We witnessed last year how thousands of people lost their jobs with massive pay cuts. Then we recognized the importance of a side hustle to keep our lives afloat in the sipping economy. 

Then we have seen the gig economy take off globally. From the pandemic phase, we learned how unpredictable the future is. It is almost impossible to predict the next thing that will shake up the world, and you will struggle to make ends meet. 

How to choose your side hustle?

Diversify your professional portfolio. But how to decide which path to take? 

There are a plethora of ways you can decide to pursue them, depending on what motivates you to take this path. 

Here is a checklist of factors that shall guide you to choosing a side hustle that is right for you:

  • Work from home or Home to Work?

Everyone prefers a unique environment and space to work efficiently. For some, it might be the bustling noise of an office, and for others, it might be the quiet solitude of their homes. Whatever it may be, it will play a key role in your side hustle! Some might come with a requirement when it comes to the place of work.

  • How much on the side is this side hustle?

As the name suggests, a side hustle is supposed to be a supplementary source of income to an active avenue you’re already pursuing. But it can be a source of income if the role you’re seeking is a job that requires you to put in a set number of hours. 

  • Time, money, and space: how much can you spare?

These are the three most important factors to consider when choosing your side hustle. Different jobs require different or no space or money for you to put in. Time is, well, a non-negotiable! For instance, becoming a tutor might not require much of an investment or space, but setting up a resale for some items requires space and an investment of both time and money. 

  • Is it a want or a need at the moment?

Now you have decided to choose a side hustle for yourself. Therefore, you’re here. But what motivated you to do so? Do you need an immediate fix for a difficult financial situation? Or are you looking for a stable and constant stream of extra income on the side of your current role?

These are important considerations because if you’re looking for an instant fix, your list of options will get narrowed down to roles that don’t require time to gain momentum. 

What are your options?

Side hustles in Dubai can earn you between AED 3000 and AED 6000. There is a side hustle for almost everyone with a bit of digital technology, expertise, reading, and research. Here is a list of options (not exhaustive, of course!) that you can pursue:

  • Virtual Assistant 

Have a knack for administrative tasks? Well, you can put it to use and earn some money while at it by becoming a virtual assistant. Several entrepreneurs in Dubai require someone to handle all their administrative tasks smoothly, so they can focus on expanding their business. Your tasks will include managing their inbox, customer service, and answering calls. 

  • Freelance Writer

One of the most common side hustles in Dubai is freelance writing. If you know how to write informative content, there is almost no shortage of demand for your services. Working as a freelance writer is a highly flexible possibility to supplement your income other than your full-time job.

  • Selling old furniture or appliances

Are you planning to declutter your house and earn some extra bucks? Then you’ve got this covered! Apps like Dubizzle allow you to sell your used furniture or goods in the UAE to people in your locality. 

  • Create an online course

If you’re finding your side hustle in Dubai, you can create an online course on platforms such as Udemy or Skillshare. If you have a niche you’re knowledgeable about, start educating others while making money!

  • Tutoring

You can get paid to tutor youngsters if you are a teacher or someone with a college degree. Whether it’s an online class, which is preferred more or opening a tuition center, it is a lucrative avenue for a side hustle in Dubai. 

So go ahead! Give some gigs a shot and see what suits you. Many side hustles do not require an initial investment, which allows you to try them out and then make an informed and experience-based decision ahead. 

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