How to Hire and Manage Your Business With Freelancers?

From a team management perspective, if you are not sure about how to work with freelancers, here are things your must know about hiring gig workers for your business.

Do you know coming up with an idea can be a one-person job, but executing it into a full-fledged business is not? Dubai has provided several opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs to launch their ventures. 

As your start-up gains momentum, you require specialized professionals to manage several aspects of a business. 

What about options for hiring full-time employees or freelancers? If you decide to go with the freelancers, we are here to make it easier for you to manage your business with freelancers.

Challenges with Freelance Management

1. The lack of a long-term commitment and the lax work-from-home schedules can prove challenging to handle your business with freelancers. 

2. Freelancers might work on multiple projects at once owing to the leverage that work-from-home provides. So, there will always be ambiguity in prioritizing. 

3. The difference in time zones will also make it difficult for prompt communication. 

4. There is always a chance of freelancers leaving the project midway because of a lack of long-term contracts, making it an added hassle for you to manage your business. 

Benefits of Hiring Freelancers

Freelancers are the ideal choice for a startup. The number of freelancers in Dubai has been continuously rising. Hiring freelancers could significantly reduce costs.

Since there are no overhead expenses to account for (such as travel or accommodation), freelancers can afford to provide work at lower price estimates. They do not partake in any office affairs unrelated to their work. And the concentrated focus on their projects without getting involved with the informalities of the office results in quality work. 

Steps to Manage Freelancers

So your first pre-requisite before you hire freelancers is to confirm the roles for which you are hiring them. Make sure that the positions are manageable by freelancing. Secondly, you must set aside a budget to incorporate your freelancer stipends. It will be helpful to make that budget in your business costs. 

A thorough explanation of the project requirements, expectations, deadlines, meeting schedules, and reporting requirements is crucial. By doing so, you will create the foundation for effective management.

It is best to provide everyone on your team, including the freelancers, the instructions to keep track of the time spent on each job. Set a daily goal for the number of hours to work and allow them to monitor task time in real time.

As mentioned earlier, the lack of physical presence in the office can cause a hindrance to effective communication, which is a crucial aspect of managing your business with freelancers. Apart from the mainstream platforms such as Skype or Zoom, you can opt for different options that offer unique tools. 

Twist is a communication application specially focused on remote teams. It provides organizational tools for topics and conversations. Slack also provides similar benefits, but Twist helps to maintain context when different time zones cause issues. 

Last, but not least, establish the best possible rapport with the freelancer and make sure that person sees you as a dependable boss. Provide the freelancers with quality assignments and demonstrate your concern for their professional development. 

Managing your business with freelancers might seem like a complicated tapestry right now, right? Keep these pointers in mind and show mutual respect for work and time with your freelancers. It might take some added effort, but freelancers are valuable assets to boost your company‚Äôs talent pool. 

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