How to Market Yourself as a Freelancer to Potential Clients?

Knowing different ways to pitch yourself to new clients is a crucial tool in your freelancing career. How will you break that barrier and leave an impression? Read the article to know how to self-market as a freelancer.

Becoming a successful freelancer means becoming the most effective marketer on behalf of your skills. It requires finding out the right marketing strategy for your business. If you want to market yourself as a freelancer, first, have a remarkable online presence to reach potential clients. Here are some key points which will show a way to achieve your goal. 

Self-marketing is a very effective medium for finding work, clients, and profit-earning. These days, people have started opting for freelance jobs as their primary means of income, and the freelance world has become more competitive than ever before.

Marketing yourself is a skill. It is more than just marketing your name out there. Digitalization and technological knowledge are great tools to expand your reach. Social media platforms for freelance marketing are fruitful for a freelancer. You can use these to spread awareness of your work and reach many people. A planned way of marketing will be helpful. You can start with limited research on where to find your prospective clients, which will define the marketing strategy. All this will support the growth of your freelance business. 

Here are the marketing strategies for freelancers and how to do freelance business branding.

Market yourself as a Freelancer: Social media presence

Are you a graphic designer, content marketer, or freelance writer? 

An online portfolio should appear across all social media channels, including LinkedIn. Different social media platforms will help you market your freelance business. It always depends on the work you offer as a freelancer. For a graphic designer, Instagram is a more specific platform than LinkedIn to show clients the quality of your work.

Geo-tagging Instagram posts or using hashtags on Twitter to attract potential clients or even people who can assist you or want to align with you can approach you. 

Your social media posts should be frequent and have quality content. And try to keep your niche because, after posting, it will reach the maximum number of people that can reflect your work. On that note, be active and responsive to questions and queries related to your area of expertise. 

Market yourself as a Freelancer: Self-Marketing Tips and Tricks

Marketing yourself is a skill. You can take ideas and guidance, but you will make an impression on clients about how you present yourself and your work. So, while adding your job experience on LinkedIn, mention Self-employed or Freelance from the Employment Type dropdown menu. Then, focus on maximizing your work description by taking advantage of all the fields offered by adding a short description of your services and a link to your Upwork profile. Some tips are:

1. Connect with your previously served clients.

2. Present your website as a mirror of your work.

3. Take referrals from clients.

4. Network with other freelancers.

Market yourself as a Freelancer: Upselling Techniques

When you create your profile, mentioning the phrase “Freelancer on Upwork” in your area of expertise will boost your reach. Some examples of upselling are:

1. Get SEO traffic.

2. Focus on testimonials.

3. Link up with other freelancers

4. Take leverage of social media.

5. Use a freelance marketplace.


Market yourself as a freelancer: Marketing Strategies for a Freelancer

Ideas for your freelance lead generation strategy will give way to your business; like,

1. Creating captivating success stories.

2. Providing responses to questions on social platforms.

3. Posting regularly

4. Guest blogging.

5. If possible, initiate podcasting.

6. Get involved in public speaking.

7. Become part of the groups.


In short, keep up your excellent work of emailing, calling, networking, or other things you do. Just be positive. Do not get discouraged or take rejection personally. Stay positive, and believe that your opportunity will come. You have to be focused and do your best. Market yourself as a freelancer in a way that the world can reach you.  

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to market yourself as a freelancer?

The most common and effective way to market yourself as a freelancer is to have an online portfolio, be visible to your audience and take leverage of social media.

2. How do freelancers generate clients?

  • Mouth publicity.
  • Build a portfolio and market it.
  • Create content

3. How can I advertise my working skills?

  • Market your USP as a feature of your work.
  • Keep your work updated.
  • Define your work accurately.

4. How do I identify my target clients as a freelancer?

  • Consider your competitors' target profiles.
  • Initially, narrow down your audience.
  • Evaluate your defined market. 
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