How to Start Freelancing as an Influencer in the UAE?

Dubai is an ideal location for influencers. Before you start, know a few things that could really offer extra information on the regulations! To become a social media influencer, you must apply for a freelance visa and e-media license to work legally in the UAE.

The digital sector has revolutionized marketing, entertainment, and business. Not to mention, social media has significantly affected the economy. Social media influencers use their creativity to make content for various brands on social media platforms. The content can be in any format that works as an advertisement, attracting followers to the brand based on a paid contract. 

After New York and Paris, Dubai is one of the ideal cities for digital producers or creators. You, too, can be a vlogger or an influencer in Dubai! But how to do it?

Yes, you can do it with a camera and some great content. But if you're getting paid for the content, you just need an NMC influencer license in the UAE! 

If you, too, wish to break into social media and establish yourself as an influencer, read on.

Why do you need a social media influencer license?

Generally, it's a legal requirement in the UAE. The UAE has adopted several rules on content creation to make this field more professional and transparent. 

The National Media Council (NMC) has enacted laws to promote more balanced media content and protect the public from inaccurate information. If you're a digital creator who receives gifts and products for coverage, then you're on the safe side. You do not require a permit. 

Whereas, if you engage in a paid collaboration, you must take an e-media license from the National Media Council (NMC). The activities include paid online advertising, marketing, distribution, brand promotion, and online selling. This law also covers bloggers, vloggers, and digital creators using Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. As a result, you must get a permit in the UAE to start a blog or a vlog.

E-media License or Influencer License

Establishing yourself as a social media influencer has fees, albeit they are affordable. The fact that this permit is available to bloggers and vloggers who are already residents of the UAE. The permit is valid for only one year. And the costs vary depending on the emirates. Individuals who do not obtain the license must pay a fine of AED 5,000. If you already have a freelancer's permit, you can apply for the e-media license. 

Requirements for acquiring a social media license

Documents to get an influencer license: 

Fill out the application. 

Copy of passport 

Copy of a valid visa and Emirates ID 

Two passport-sized photos in different colors with a white backdrop

How to apply for an influencer license in Dubai?

The first step to applying for an influencer license is to get a trade license or a freelance visa. Are you confused about a freelance visa? Connect with our experts to find out how to apply for it!

After getting a freelance visa, you can apply for an e-media license. To apply for an influencer license, visit the NMC website

Alternatively, you can also collaborate with any of the NMC-certified agencies. Then you don't need to get a license by yourself. These agencies would offer you the opportunity to work as an influencer by signing a contract with them. But these agencies can limit your freedom with their terms and conditions. 

Note that an e-media license does not grant you a residential visa. So, you must have a valid residence visa or a freelance visa to apply for an e-media license.

Extra points to note:

Are you ready to start your career as an influencer? So, please make sure you check out these points. 

- Understand the UAE Media laws 

You must know the Emirati laws regarding photography, shooting, comments, and reviews. Individual and community privacy is a vital aspect of UAE laws. You can not defame any individual, company, or institution. Moreover, you can not disclose confidential information about anyone or any organization to the public. 

- Avoid sensitive contents

Unlike other countries, specific culturally sensitive contents are unacceptable in the UAE. This include,

1. Contents that breach national unity and integration. 

2. Contents that disgrace national leaders or rulers. 

3. Topics that are un-Islamic, profane, or corrupt minors.  

- Categories of NMC e-media license

First category: Influencers who want to work independently can apply for an individual e-media license. 

Second category: It's a partnership license you can take for a group of people (family or friends) to form a company with a trade license. 

Third category: An influencer can join an NMC-registered influencers agency that owns an e-media license. You can work as an influencer legally if you sign up with any certified agency. 

Now you know everything about influencer licenses in the UAE. You can start your fantastic career as a content creator or influencer in the UAE with a freelance visa!

Connect with Freedom2Work to find out more about how to freelance legally.  

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