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Be a part of the gig economy in Dubai

The trend to have multiple sources of income has picked up all around the world. Even in the UAE, the gig economy is witnessing an exponential rise. 

So, are you looking to have multiple income streams or alternate sources to supplement your income or be a part of the gig economy? Then you have reached the right place. Let us tell you all about how you can leverage your skills to make the best of the fast-growing gig economy of the UAE. 

What is the gig economy and why is it amazing?

The simplest way to define gigs is short-term assignments or projects. This is in complete contrast to the traditional style of employment that we all have always known and understood where you are employed with an organization on a long-term contract.

These short-term gigs provide a lot more freedom and work-life balance, something that has become quite popular among the youth. The gig economy is an excellent solution to the problem of burnout that has plagued many working professionals of today.

Benefits of becoming a freelancer in Dubai

Many studies have found that the rise of the gig economy in Dubai, UAE, and other parts of the world has led to a major amplification in enhancing work-life balance and has taken productivity levels to new heights. 

Co-working spaces have become the new it thing among freelancers who take up part-time gigs for multiplying their income streams and such spaces have become a common sight in major cities of the UAE like Dubai and Abu-Dhabi.

According to a study by, many companies are also preferring to hire freelancers on a project-to-project basis as it reduces their long-term costs by pretty large proportions. Less amount of time, money, and energy is spent on training, managing, and rewarding the employees. 

The Rising Gig Economy in UAE

Dubai provides the right platform for freelancers to kickstart their business in the country. With a varied range of business activities to choose from, hassle-free processes, freedom to work for your own self, and access to a high-quality lifestyle, Dubai allows freelancers to be a part of one of the largest gig economies in the world.

Dubai has bounced back from the adverse effects that were brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. Companies across the UAE are preferring hiring freelancers due to reduced hiring and management costs. Freelancing also reduces costs pertaining to training or even any hardware or relocation costs as compared to the case of hiring a full-time employee.

Moreover, with state-of-the-art technological services, amazing infrastructure and internet speed, and much more, kickstarting your freelancing business in Dubai is now easier than ever.

At present, the gulf is as dynamic as it can ever be. The economy is changing swiftly and innovation is at the centre of this change. Opportunities are at their highest peak and currently, UAE is the best example of one of the most efficiently expanding markets.

As Buzz Lightyear would say to us, “To Infinity and Beyond….

Freelance marketplaces in the UAE

It was the entry of the taxi app Careem, along with Fetchr, a delivery app that has opened the gates to a massive gig economy in the UAE. Eventually, online platforms, such as maharati which was launched in 2018, have created a marketplace for freelancers and employers to find each other.

The rising gig economy is acting as a self-propeller for Dubai as a marketplace for freelancers. This has led to many international companies keeping Dubai in sight for the launch of their next big venture. 

Becoming a freelancer in Dubai

The UAE government allows both residents and non-residents to apply for a freelance license in Dubai. The UAE also provides multiple benefits and opportunities for people looking to set up their freelance businesses in the country. For instance, the Ministry of Education is offering courses for individuals to learn how to build their skills and become freelance entrepreneurs and kickstart their dream ventures.

With the introduction of the new Labour Law, employees, with prior approval and the relevant license permits, can work part-time to add to their income. Moreover, Dubai also allows freelancers with efficient platforms to connect and network with potential clients as well as to look for gigs.

How can Freedom2Work help?

We, at Freedom2Work, provide you with a hassle-free experience in obtaining a freelance license and visa at affordable rates. All you need to do is fill out the application form, all of which will take just 15 minutes, and submit your relevant documents to our office or via our portal and make the required payment! Could this BE any easier?

For any more information, from anything related to choosing the right business activity to the license and visa costs, you can reach out to us on our toll-free number 800-FREEDOM (373 3366) or write to us at and we will be happy to assist you with becoming a part of the gig economy with us.


The ever-growing gig economy allows you to monetize your skills to multiply your income stream. The demand is on the rising curve and shows great promise for the future too. So, make sure you don’t take too long to grab this excellent opportunity!

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the gig economy?

  • The gig economy is a market system where companies hire workers on a contractual basis for different projects. These projects are termed gigs.

2. What is a gig economy example?

  • Taxi driving apps like Uber and Lyft, and delivery apps such as Fetchr, Talabat, and Deliveroo are some of the most popular examples of freelance gigs. 

3. Is freelance legal in the UAE?

  • UAE allows freelancers to work with a freelancer permit and the country has created many Free Zones where anyone with a work permit can work as a freelancer. You can apply for a freelancer permit on Freedom2Work in just under 15 minutes. 

4. Can I do freelance work while employed in the UAE?

  • Under the new Labour Law, full-time employees can choose to work on a freelance gig as well; however, prior approval would need to be taken before you choose to work as a freelancer along with your full-time job.

5. How can I earn money online in the UAE?

Here are some examples of gigs you can take up for earning money online in the UAE

  • Give online tutions
  • Become a fitness instructor
  • Become an online financial consultant
  • Start your own blog
  • Write ebooks and How-To guides
  • Sell handmade arts and crafts online

6. How do freelancers get paid?

  • Freelancers can accept any form of payment. Common methods used in the UAE include direct account transfer, PayPal, or any other online payment system.

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