Online Freelance Work From Home Jobs You Can Do in Dubai

Feb 10, 2023

Working from home does not require a well-established job or a company that will give you freedom. You can earn money while working entirely from home without even applying for a remote job, etc. Yes, you heard us right! You can start earning a full-time income from the comfort of your home without any prior experience! 

Here is a list of work-from-home opportunities you can try your hands on! The world of technology and the internet has brought us several online platforms that, if used properly, can help you land work-from-home jobs on a global scale! We have seen quite a few part-time work-from-home jobs posted for Dubai and several work-from-home jobs suitable for moms in Dubai due to the flexibility in timings, etc. 

Isn’t it exciting? “Are there any work-from-home jobs near me that require no experience?” Then the answer to that is also yes! 

You can work for national or home-grown brands that operate out of your country and also reach out to international organizations if you want to widen your scope! However, be cautious about what work you want to perform vis-à-vis your current skill set. You may need some training. 

So let’s get started!

1. Survey Positions Online 

Online survey jobs can be an excellent source of additional income if you need to make a little extra money as you start your work-from-home career. These surveys often ask you to share your thoughts on companies or describe your experiences with specific goods. Students can even undertake work-from-home or online jobs!

2. Freelance content writing

Freelance content writing is probably one of the highest-paying online jobs! Some authors earn upwards of six figures annually by working only from home! If you want to succeed, you must be able to write well. While this is crucial, it's equally critical to keep going despite the fear of inadequacy. An excellent method is to practice as much as you can.

3. Online Assistant 

You combine your existing knowledge and talents into services to work as a virtual assistant. Here are just a few services you might provide as a virtual assistant:

  • Content creation 
  • Managing emails 
  • management of social media. 
  • Setting up appointments 
  • Online store shipping and packing 
  • Customer care 
  • Managing a blog

4. Jobs in Transcription 

Transcribing audio recordings into written documents entails listening to the audio files first. You must have strong typing abilities. You can start by checking out well-known transcribed business sites online for job openings.

5. Editing 

Even as a novice, you may work from home as a proofreader as long as you have a solid command of English grammar. You will double-check texts, including articles, novels, and transcripts. To succeed in this position, you must have a keen eye and a command of English.

6. Online classes and training 

You can accomplish helping people and earn money from home through online tutoring. There are numerous online tutoring positions available. You can get this type of employment if you have an aptitude for instructing others. Many believe this is one of the most popular work-from-home jobs for women! 

7. Data entry

Data entry jobs entail collecting and organizing data. You require decent typing skills and attention to detail to work in data entry jobs. While there are many trustworthy data entry businesses, this industry has a lot of fraudulent organizations. Always perform preliminary research on a data entry firm to confirm. 

8. Online Test Assessment

Several prestigious educational institutions use online test scorers to assist in grading and evaluating standardized tests. You must have a degree to apply for this position. 

9. Search Engine Evaluator

For novices, evaluating search engines is a highly adaptable task. Examining search results and judging their accuracy and relevance is part of this work-from-home job. You must pass a test to get recruited.

10. Testing of websites and applications 

You must test various software or beta items as a web tester. It might involve using it for a while and then providing input on the layout, design, and user experience.


There are various other online work-from-home jobs to choose from in the UAE! Maybe just a little training would help refresh the skills. Then, you are ready to take it up, even as a student. If you are looking for work-from-home jobs in the UAE or work-from-home jobs in Dubai without expenditure, then you can look online!

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