Reasons Why Freelancers fail at freelancing Business - How to avoid it?

Though freelancing opens a lot of opportunities to gain income, it also comes with failures and downfalls. Check out the article to find out the reason why freelancers fail.

It’s very common for freelancers to fail in the later stages. On average, only 3 out of 10 freelancers make it past two years of starting. 

Many freelancers, even those with great ideas, begin and then within a few months or years have to stop and switch to a full-time job. There are many reasons why freelancers fail. 

Having a great idea or enthusiasm to execute the idea are factors that can be of help when trying to become a successful freelancer, but they do not ensure success.

You consider several factors to build a successful freelance business. Motivation, hard work, efficiency, effectiveness, problem-solving, and consistency are hardly a few. 

Then why do most freelancers fail?

Though freelancing opens a lot of opportunities to gain income, it also comes with failures and downfalls. 

One of the biggest reasons is that, unlike full-time jobs, freelancing is going solo, so you require patience and perseverance. You must take time to market, build a network, learn new skills, and finally trust your instincts.

As there are factors that constitute a freelancer's success, there are things that negatively influence success as well. If you’re currently deciding whether to leap from a full-time job to freelancing, here are some of the reasons why freelancers fail:


Timing & Groundwork

This is a huge factor that affects freelancing immensely. As a freelancer, you must enter the market at the right time. Approximately, it takes more than 2 years to establish as a freelancer with financial stability. 

By entering the freelance market, you must keep up the consistency and structure of the plan which fits into your ideas. You must require a groundwork to quit your job and go solo. 

Preparation- you must have a checklist that helps you launch your freelance career. Finances- Freelancing can offer you months with more income and even less money and no projects. You must have a budget set aside to start your venture and at least three-six months' salary in your account. You can also keep a list of the government procedure, software requirements, license costs, insurance and more. 


One of the things that lead to the success of a freelancer is the uniqueness of your services and the execution of your ideas.

If you do not stand out among the thousands of freelancers, you can easily get drowned out from the market. It is unlikely that a freelancer offering the same will succeed unless you highlight your achievements or qualifications. 

With too many competitors, you can launch yourself into the market by showing your value, something that makes it better than every other competitor

Unable to Deliver

When setting up a freelance business, one of the most important questions to find the answer to is ‘What problem do I solve?’. This is how you understand what the market needs and the audience that must be targeted. 

Generally speaking, people choose someone who can solve their issues. So, targeting your niche audience help you facilitate a fast turnaround. 

At times, freelancers do not analyze the kind of audience that would be interested in their services and aim at delivering to audiences of all kinds. Some freelancers believe that targeting a wider audience allows them to establish themselves in the market but that is untrue. It is much better to focus the attention on the audience that is in dire need of the product.

Focusing on a specific audience scales the growth of the company much more than trying to target everyone and being unable to be the best.


Several great freelancers fail because the services they sell are overpriced or wrong price scale. If your service or product is expensive, no matter how much it is needed, consumers prefer looking for alternatives that won’t be too hard on their pockets. If you have industry experience and skill set, you can pitch higher 

 It is crucial to take several surveys or industry studies in advance from the audience and evaluate the freelancers. You can work out your hourly rate depending on the projects.

You can estimate the cost by the time you take, related expenses, plus essentials like electricity, internet, etc.


It is challenging to start going solo or freelancing. Every step taken toward growth and success feels like a celebration. But the finish line is never nearing. Even crossing the three-year mark does not ensure the success of your freelance business. 

Doing financially well and having extensive clients is really great as a freelancer in the three years of operations. At every step, the focus must be on building a network. Satisfied clients are essential not just to cross the three-year mark but to stay in business forever.

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