Skills Required to Become a Freelance Virtual Assistant

Feb 10, 2023

Skills that Freelance Virtual Assistants Need

You can work at your own pace and be your boss if you can carve out a niche for freelancing. Even though you don't have a specialization, you can start as a freelance virtual assistant!

Most employers employ virtual assistants for a wide range of activities. As a virtual assistant, you must be available to provide work services to businesses remotely. Traditionally, you would act as an office manager to handle administrative tasks in an office. With offices in virtual space and businesses diversifying into solo entrepreneur ventures or boutique firms, it is economically viable to opt for a virtual assistant to handle the same tasks. 

As a virtual assistant, your tasks can range from writing, researching, and marketing to keeping records, client servicing, transcribing, and managing projects. 

If you already have work experience as an office manager or in a related position, becoming a freelance virtual assistant could be a likely route. Apart from that, being a virtual assistant is also a viable career option for those who don’t thrive on monotonicity and enjoy new challenges regularly. You get to work all across the spectrum of departments, from administration and management to marketing and promoting. Eventually, you might also recognize your area of interest and decide to grow in that direction. 

Did you know that to start freelancing as a virtual assistant, you do not need a specific skill set? A solid understanding of the internet is crucial. Being a virtual assistant is essentially being a remote online worker. You might also require hands-on experience with collaboration and project management applications. There are several new software and applications to learn on the way as you get various tasks, such as generating social media posts or learning data entry. 

Before taking up new tasks, you must understand and learn about specific requirements and rules. In the end, you need your first paid client to hire you as a virtual assistant. 

Most-in-demand Skills for Virtual Assistant

Cold calling, Management, Customer Service, Communication, Documentation, File maintenance, Social media marketing

Earning as a freelance virtual assistant

When it comes to freelancing, there is no fixed amount of income you are going to make. Your incoming revenue will vary at different stages of your freelancing career, so it’s better to plan your rates. Start with discounted rates or offer free services to gain exposure and credibility. Afterward, you can charge your clients hourly or on a project-by-project basis. While fixing your rates, don’t forget to factor in your overall living expenses, costs, and overheads. You will not receive any benefits, such as health insurance, paid leave, or training to undertake new skills. So, keep these aspects in mind when deciding how much to charge. 

You can charge $30–35 per hour, but always set time aside for business strategizing and marketing to keep the clients rolling in!

It determines your ideal client, whether you're just starting or are a seasoned freelance virtual assistant. Optimizing your area of work will aid you in finding the right job for you. Great possibilities can come from establishing local connections. Reach out to your network in the country. Build your digital networks as well, ideally on LinkedIn. Lastly, networking is vital to being a successful freelance virtual assistant, so never let go of any avenues.


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