The most in-demand skills for Freelancing in the UAE

Feb 10, 2023

The world is witnessing an unprecedented surge in the market for highly skilled freelancers on both supply and demand sides of the gig economy. 

In other words, both the number of freelancers and the number of employers looking for freelancers are increasing at an exponential rate. 

It has been revealed in the ‘Freelancing in the MENA’ 2022 report that 78 percent of the respondents are planning to take up more freelance work. The same is the story on the side of the companies and businesses in the UAE which are turning towards gig workers in a larger number. 

In the study, 70% of respondents said that their companies plan to hire more freelancers in 2022.

In light of these impressive but not shocking numbers, it is essential to look at what skills are in demand for hiring freelancers. 

Here are our top 5 picks for freelancing skills in 2022 to know how you can get your freelancing permit in the UAE in just 15 minutes.


Coding and developing all sorts of skills seem to be on a constant path to exponential growth and demand 

In almost every article I write about freelancing, the top spot is always bagged by this. 

(Hold on! I am patting myself on the back for this ingenuous oxymoron!)

 UAE is at the center of the world stage of technological advancement that has led to rising demand for freelancers skilled in coding, software development, web designing and development, user interface design, and much more. 



Since online stores and e-shopping have become the new norm, all businesses in the UAE, from big to small are establishing an online presence to stay afloat. The e-commerce market of the UAE is projected to increase by 60% and become an 8-billion-dollar industry by 2025. 

Along with a specialization in e-commerce, skills such as Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization are also in demand for working as a freelancer in the e-commerce industry.


Digital Marketing

There are many reasons attributed to the growth of digital marketing. Everyone wants their respective service to be on the top of the search game. 

The UAE boasts that one of the largest proportions of its population is internet-friendly at a whopping 98.4% as of 2017.

A digital marketing freelancer in 2022 must be akin with the skills of using the much-in-demand social media and should be well versed with content strategy and other tools such as Google Ads.


Financial Skills

Do you know what remains constant in both an expansive economy and an economy in recession? The demand for financial professionals because people and businesses will never stop needing advice on how to handle their money!

So even when the world is at the precipice of a major recession, you can still make a better career by acquiring skills such as corporate finance, portfolio management, equity trading, etc. 


Teaching and Training Skills

As education is one of the important fields that has been approved for obtaining a freelancing license by the government of UAE, it is an excellent field to acquire skills.

There is high demand for freelancers who have skills in Curriculum Development, Leadership Education, Tutors for learning English as a Second Language, Entrepreneurial Courses, etc. 

The most interesting part of this is that any other skill you may have acquired to become a freelancer, you can work on the side as an educator for the same who wish to develop their freelancing skills. 


Get Your Freelancing Permit in UAE

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Freelancing is the future. 

As more and more people ditch the shackles of a regular office job and opt for being the boss of their own time, there is no better time to hone your skills and join this new wave of transformation in working culture. 




1. Which skills are in demand for freelancing in the UAE?

Here are the top in-demand freelancing skills in UAE

  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Programming
  • Amazon Web Service (AWS) Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Development
  • Website Design and Website Development
  • Data Analytics
  • Creative Content Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Financial Services
  • Graphic Designing

2. Which freelance skill is easiest to learn?

Here are some of the easiest skills you can acquire to kickstart your freelancing career: 

  • Starting a blog
  • Becoming an influencer or vlogger,
  • Photography
  • Web Development 
  • Personal Coach and Trainer 

3. What is the best freelancer job in Dubai?

Here are the top jobs for freelancers in Dubai

  • Copywriter
  • Graphic Designer 
  • PR Manager
  • Professor 
  • Online educator 
  • Programmer or Coder 

4.   What is the best skill to make money?

Here are the top skills with the highest earning potential in the freelancing markets of UAE:

  • Programming
  • Web development 
  • Mobile App development 
  • Digital marketing 
  • Graphic designing 

5.   Which skill is best for 2022?

The best skills to acquire in 2022 revolve around technology and digital advancements. 

Hence, you can learn and develop your skills in the fields such as Artificial intelligence, Coding, Cloud computing, Blockchain, UX design, etc. 

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