Tips and Tools to Manage Hourly Freelance Projects

If you're a freelancer, how can you manage your time? Here's the tips and tools that you can utilize for managing your time while working for various projects at the same time.

Managing hourly projects effectively as a freelancer has incredible benefits and becomes an essential factor as the project number and complexity continue to grow. Why should you have a proper system for managing hourly projects and organizing your work into efficient bits? 

It is crucial for a wide range of reasons:- 

  • It helps you complete your work within planned timelines, thereby allowing you to take more work; 
  • It helps you revert to your clients in a timely fashion and convert repeat orders from them;
  • Finally, it helps you finish your work within time frames every day, so you can make sufficient time for yourself and your close ones, and maybe take time for your hobbies. You always have to keep an equilibrium between your personal and professional life. 

So how can you manage your time effectively? 

This article aims to provide you with cost-effective tools, many of which you might already have, to ensure that you appropriately finish your tasks. For a professional managing hourly projects in Dubai as a freelancer, there would be ample opportunities for you to tap into and grow.

However, what will truly determine your success will be your reversion time, the quality of your work, and the relationships you build with your clients. All these factors are contingent on your managing hourly projects effectively. The following are some top freelancer tools for doing the same:

1. Microsoft Excel:

Let’s start with the basics. MS Excel is easy to use and enables you to break a task into its many constituent parts, assisting you in managing your hourly projects from home. It comes with the standard MS Office subscription, so you might already have access to it. 

Here are two principles that you should follow in Excel for managing hourly projects effectively:

  • Firstly, for each project, note the deadline, the time you are allocating to it, the time that you finish it, and the excess or shortage of time that you face as a percentage of the time you have issued for it;
  • Secondly, take stock of your progress on the project at the end of each week and see if you are managing your hours effectively. To do this, check if you are spending more than 25% of your time on any project. If yes, this would be the result of an error in planning on your part!

In this case, you should factor in longer hours while negotiating fees with clients from here on, or else you might feel wasteful in your time management—which would require corrective steps in your work schedule. 

2. Pomodoro Timers:

While this technique was initially a method to optimize concentration amongst students, professionals have increasingly adopted this software for managing hourly projects. The Pomodoro technique attempts to help you focus your efforts according to the average human attention span and rest requirements. 

To implement this, set timers for 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of rest on repeat, and plan your working hours accordingly. We consider the optimally adjusted timeframe is 25 minutes to work for, and the 5-minute break is really sufficient to rejuvenate people so they can work better after it. Furthermore, sub-deadlines of 25 minutes create a sense of soft urgency, which assists people in managing hourly projects more effectively. A free stopwatch service on your phone would generally suffice for this. But if you are interested, several aesthetically appealing apps exist, such as the Forest App and the TideApp are available for time management.

3. Rescue Time:

Regarding team projects, Rescue Time is one of the best freelancer tool apps. It helps you keep track of the various discrete tasks to be carried out by freelancers. It relays the data to the project manager in charge of the overall project and also shares hourly reports with all users to help them manage and enhance their productivity. 

It also gives timely alerts when a user spends a certain amount of time on a project and sends the progress report for each day to every team member. It assists freelancers in managing hours effectively while providing detailed reports to the client, making it an excellent freelancer billing tool. 

4. TopTracker:

TopTracker is one of the most popular time-tracking software for freelancers.

TopTracker uses a range of functions that clients might request to keep track of activities—such as time records, screenshots, and work reporting. However, it has options built in that enable freelancers to blur certain information on their screens and allow them to control the frequency of tracking and track their tasks. 

It is one of the top freelancer tools for management. It functions across PC platforms and thus is a prominent freelancer tool for Mac, Windows, and Linux.


We hope this article has helped you if you were looking for ways of managing hourly projects in the UAE. 

Your choice of tools would be contingent on the amount of visibility you would want to give your clients as a freelancer, the ambits of your privacy on screen as a freelancer, and how you can negotiate your contracts. 

Consider the applicability of the various features above to your workflow, and you can glean enormous benefits in terms of reduced lag and enhanced productivity!

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