Tips to Create a Freelance Profile

Feb 10, 2023


The beauty of having a passive income is that you do not need to put much effort into your earning strategy. You earn money by investing in real estate, crypto and trading in the comfort of your home.

 Another hack to earn money at a relatively easy method is by freelancing. Freelancing is a job where one works for himself and not a company. These jobs may include being a freelance writer, content creator, social media manager, and photographer. 

Here are some ideas you can quickly set up your freelance profile to start building a passive income.

Initial Step

The first step to creating any web profile is a name. You can go with your official name to identify you while maintaining a professional you-should-take-me-seriously manner. 

The second is choosing an appropriate photo and descriptive job title. Make your photo look professional yet relatable. 

If you aim to be a freelance photographer, take this opportunity to use some of your best frames. Make sure that in your job description give a brief yet all comprehensive introduction for yourself. Again, remember that your qualifications, strengths and previous work experience should be a part of this profile as well. 

First Impression

Actions speak louder than words, and if a picture is worth a thousand words, guess how many pictures a movie is worth? Why make your clients read your profile when you can make a fun video to give them an insight into what you do, and how good you are at your job? All you need to do is prepare a video, explaining your aims and goals, what you can bring to the table if they work with you, and what you expect of your clients. You can simply add this to your website, along with some samples of your work if it can be added, giving a whole-rounded experience to your client whenever they look up your profile online.

List Your Certifications

To make the impression that you know your job well, always rely on the certificates that you have obtained in that field over time. Your clients would be positively reassured at seeing such certification. So, keep a separate section in your profile that deals exclusively with your certifications. You can additionally mention your past work experience, reviews and recommendation letters by your employers, teachers, mentors, etc. Dedicating a whole section to your qualifications will give your profile a professional touch as well as a backing to your claims. 

A Detailed Description

Give a detailed description of the work you do, the projects that you have been associated with, the achievements that you have made at your job etc. in a separate section. This section shall be the main crux of your profile or your “about page”. You can add personal notes here, explaining what you learned from each work experience and how you plan on achieving your goals.

If you use this page to showcase the content that you have created, ensure that you clearly label all the work that is uploaded. It should not be plagiarised at all. Remember that this is your biggest platform to advertise so use your resources judiciously and only use the absolute best of your best work to be put on display. Remember, that your potential clients may decide to give you the contract solely based on the work that you have put on display for them to see.

Choose the Correct Platform

There are several online freelance job-offering websites. However, you should ensure that you sign yourself up on a website that has a method to verify the freelancers on the page as well as the buyers. If you can earn a “verified” badge on these profiles then potential clients would know that you are a reliable and verified freelancer and would think that it is safe to do business with you. Similarly, if your clients are verified then you would know that they are genuine and it is indeed secure to work with them. An authentic and reliable website would have safeguards in place to ensure that you and your piece of work are protected from theft, piracy, impersonation and others.

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