Top Freelancing Jobs for Women in the UAE

Interestingly, women prefer not to stay confined to the daunting 9–5 job routine and are more into freelancing jobs. Freelancing offers them the freedom to work at their own pace. Check out the top freelancing jobs that women can choose in Dubai!

Women are increasingly gaining the power to shape their careers as they want to, in contrast to the limited number of secondary positions nowadays. With the evolution of freelancing as a booming field of work, one can opt for a work lifestyle more or less tailored to their liking. Whether a woman wants to travel around, balance home and work, or have a head-on career-oriented life, freelancing offers the flexibility to accommodate all sorts of expectations and considerations. Studies even suggest that about 53% of working women are freelancing. You can choose projects and build a working schedule tailored to your life. 

The best part is that you can freelance in any field, and some roles don’t require experience, giving you a broad range of professional spaces where you can begin your freelance journey, even right from home. 

If you’re looking for a temporary job in the UAE, consider yourself lucky! Here are 5 top suggestions for freelance jobs for women:

Event Management 

With the blurring pace of our lives, one can find themselves devoid of time and energy to plan celebrations, events, or parties. Hence, there is a need for event planners. As a freelancing event planner, you get to work on a project-to-project basis, giving you the mental space to plan every single event you get. 

Content Writing

Freelancing as a content writer in the UAE entails different types of writing, such as blogging, Search Engine Optimisation, and copywriting. With every brand going digital, they depend on writers for their online content. One of the lucrative parts of content writing as a freelance job for women is that most of the roles don’t require additional skills other than a flair for writing and a command of the language. 

Data Entry

It is an in-demand freelance job in the UAE currently. Data entry is the manual entry of client information, compiling the data, and assessing information for shortcomings or errors using a computer. The basic requirements for an entry-level job require basic MS Office skills, proficient typing speed, and some work experience. 

Online Classes 

Every area of our lives, including education, has gone online in the modern digital world. It offers a fantastic opportunity for tutors to share their knowledge online. Online platforms provide you with endless channels to impart your wisdom to the rest of the world. You can teach anything from cooking, dance forms, crafts, or languages. 

You can shoot the modules at your leisure and have your own home as your workspace. It is an ideal freelance job for women with responsibilities at home and who would prefer to work from there. 

Personal training in fitness

Fitness is about living a healthy lifestyle and adopting a positive mindset. It’s more than a monotonous workout you mindlessly do every day. As a freelancing female fitness trainer, you can interact with other working women or homemakers and help them build healthy lifestyles. You must possess specified credentials and a license to work as a personal trainer in Dubai.

Freelancing legally in the UAE

We will assist you in getting a license that enables you to operate as a freelancer with renewal options. If you are a resident, apply for a freelancer permit. This permit lets you work for several companies at once.

The mentioned freelance jobs for women don’t require much of an advanced skill-set. It only requires the intent and the zeal to begin, and it won’t take time for your freelance career to take off, given the UAE’s conducive frameworks for freelancing. In Dubai, there are no limits to freelance work. Every woman with talent has a chance. Most significantly, following your passion will pay off financially. Women now secure their free time with freelance jobs and make about 22% more money than their male co-workers. 

How can Freedom2Work help?

Freelancing in Dubai is now made easier with Freedom2Work. At Freedom2Work, we help you kick start your freelance career by helping you choose the right business activity for your skills and enjoy a hassle-free experience when applying for a license and visa.

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