Ways to automate your freelancing business

Feb 10, 2023

As human beings, we all come to reflect upon one major bottleneck that weighs on our otherwise almost endless ability to get things done—we can do only one job at a time. Before modern technology, it was not really easy to multitask. It was always a concerning factor—as there were no tasks that ran in the background while you focused on an important task. 

Thankfully, freelance business automation technology, encompassing everything from computer applications to smartwatch tools, has given us ample applications that we can use to automate everyday and routine matters of our work. We can focus on the actual value-generating activities that require our attention the most.

You might have figured this out since your business inception as a freelancer. The necessary aspects to keep your business running and well-maintained will form a part of your responsibility unless you want to employ other people for the same (a considerably expensive option). Thankfully, there are, as mentioned, several things that can automate mundane tasks. 

The advantage of freelance automation is that every minute of your productive time adds value to your clients and your wallet.

Here are some tips to help you automate your freelance business:


1. Automate promotions

Promoting yourself on social media is one of the first things you should focus on automating. Two of the best applications to help you with this are MeetEdgar and Buffer. MeetEdgar helps you with your social media posts. It assists in categorizing them and reposts them when you cannot—enabling you to increase your reach on your platform so that new visitors can engage with the same content that made your older followers stick.

Buffer is a free application that has immense value for promotions. It enables you to schedule your posts on your various social media handles. It also keeps you from checking your social media often, and you can avoid distractions. 

2. Prospecting - Finding Opportunities

Prospecting, or the act of finding opportunities, is one of the biggest hustles of freelancers. If not automated, finding work can take up most of your time. However, with freelance business automation, you can unload this hassle. Apart from posting your gigs on Fiverr and responding to client offers as and when they arrive, you can also use Google Alerts. You need to set up Google Alerts using relevant prospective keywords and then let the search engine scour the internet for opportunities that may be relevant to you. For instance, if you put in keywords like “content writing," “video editing,” and “hiring now," the tool will discover opportunities for you and send you notifications when it finds them.

3. Finance and Expenses

Automating finances is one of the simplest things that you can do. If you’re working on Fiverr, use the Workspace expense tracking feature. It will automatically handle such aspects. Outside of this, try out Mint. It is a free application that allows you to keep track of your expenses throughout the month. Amongst paid services, Expensify is an excellent application for tracking expenses, which comes at around $5 per user per month.

The Wave would be the standout service that automates invoicing, finance, and expense tracking for you. This application lets you automate all of the above elements, and its primary features are free! 

Of course, certain additional features require purchases from the store, but they are well worth it, given how remarkably cheap the application is from a monthly perspective. This freelance business automation software keeps you from the much more expensive activity of employing someone for the job.

4. Booking Appointments and Managing Tasks

While booking appointments, getting the schedule of every single person involved in a project can be a headache for freelancers. Luckily, freelance business automation has touched this sphere of running a freelancing business as well. Get HubSpot Meetings, link the application to your Google or Office 365 calendar, and share your link with your invitees. They will be able to check your availability and book appointments. It automatically updates your calendar, and, best of all, it is free. 

If you are working on Fiverr, the freelancing business automation can be possible with the Fiver Workspace task management tool, which reminds you of important things that require your attention but that you might end up missing. It considers all your deadlines, contract terms, and projects to generate a list of such activities. 

Technology has been a boon when it comes to freelance business automation. Indeed, freelance business automation has the potential to free up considerable amounts of time through apps for automation, project collaboration tools, and automation tools, which enable freelancers to spend their time generating revenue instead. 

Keeping the humdrum grind of such monotonous aspects of work aside, you can engage in the activities that made you opt for freelancing. We hope this article was of help in that process!

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