What are the activities included in the freelance licence in UAE? (Updated August 2022)

With excellent opportunities and flexible economy, discover the freedom of freelancing with the broad business activities in various sectors ranging from handicrafts to auditing, available in UAE. Check out the article to learn more!

Freelancing in the UAE is a dream of many. Breaking away from the shackles of the usual 9 to 5 job and being the boss of your own time is the most satisfying way of working. And there is no better place than the UAE to do that. Perhaps, you can engage in certain freelanced activities under freelance licence in UAE.

Over the past few years, the UAE government has considerably relaxed the rules on freelancing, adding more and more activities to their list of permitted freelancing activities. So in this article, we take a closer look at the activities and how you can choose one of them and start your freelancing career in the UAE today!

Broad Categorization of Freelancing Activities

We can broadly divide the freelancing activities permitted by the UAE government into four categories.

1. Technology

2. Education

3. Media

4. Designing

Let us take a deeper look at each of these and see the activities included. 

1. Technology

The first and probably the most popular industry among freelancers is technology. The magic of technology is all around us. In 2020-2021, the World Economic Forum revealed in its reports that the UAE saw a 200% rise in the recruitment of digital freelancers. 

The report credited the UAE's "thriving technical environment that encourages innovation", and digitalization of work for this growth. The Dubai Government's decision last year to support professionals in the digital sector who wish to work remotely also "contributed considerably" to this.

Technology and related activities included in the list of freelancing activities for obtaining a license and visa are vast. Some examples include Electronic Chip Designing and Programming, Space Consultancies, Network Website Designing, E-commerce, etc.

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2. Education

The education sector is experiencing an uptick in the UAE freelancer market. In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote education and online learning have especially grabbed the front seats in education. Activities included in this category are education advisor, researcher, trainer, executive coaching, eLearning advisor, etc. 

3. Media

Working in the media industry in the UAE can be highly lucrative. It is one of the reasons many professionals from all over the globe want to come here to advance professionally and to reap the benefits of the exceptional opportunities that the UAE provides in the media industry.

The list of activities included in the media is long. However, to name a few, you can be a content provider as a copywriter, creative director, music, film, or theater critic, television, music or theater director, audio/video editor, publishing editor, events planner, etc. 

4. Designing

Another highly lucrative industry in which to work in the UAE is the design industry, where you can enjoy what you like to do and also earn good money. This category is broad and includes all kinds of designing and lifestyle freelancing activities like hairstylists, Fashion Designers, Textile Designers, Wedding Planners, Interior designers, Make-up artists, and more. 

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New Activities Added in 2021

These are the new commercial activities on the list of freelance license activities.

1. Accounting and Auditing

2. Financing & Commercial Brokerage

3. Property Services

4. Consultancy

5. Electronic Networks & Security

6. Rental Services

7. Auditing Cyber Risks

8. Repairing Service

9. Design and Programming

10. Commercial Publications & Editing

11. IT Infrastructure, Cloud Services, and Datacenter Providers

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The future of work is freelancing. As more people abandon the shackles of a traditional office job to become the master of their own time, there has never been a better moment to embrace this new way of working.


1. What is a freelancing activity?

A freelance job is one in which a person works for themselves rather than a company. While freelancers work for companies and organizations on a contract basis, they are ultimately self-employed.

2. What are some freelance ideas?

Here are some popular freelance business ideas.

1. Content Creator

2. Graphic Designing

3. Web Development

4. Teaching

5. Photography

6. Virtual Assistant

7. Social Media Marketing

8. Personal Stylist

3. Can full-time workers become freelancers in the UAE?

Yes. Anyone, either a citizen or a resident of the UAE, can work as a freelancer. If you are already employed, get a No-Objection Certificate from your employer to obtain a freelancer permit.

4. What are some popular free zones in the UAE?

Some of the popular Free Zones in the UAE are: 

1. Sharjah Free Zone

2. Fujairah Creative City Free Zone

3. Ras Al Khaimah Economic Free Zone

4. Ajman Free Zone

5. Dubai Production City

6. Dubai Studio City

7. Umm Al Quwain Free Zone

8. GoFreelance under the Dubai Development Authority

5. What is the validity of a free-lance permit?

You can renew your freelance permits or licenses annually. You can also acquire them for 2 to 5 years. 

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