What Does It Mean to Be a Freelancer in Dubai?

Working as a freelancer means you work on your own time and be your own boss. Read to know more!

The ever-rising gig economy offers a chance to work on your terms, choose which contracts you accept, and be your boss. 

Get a UAE freelancing license and a residence visa that enables you to operate lawfully in the Emirates as a freelancer, a single practitioner, or an independent contractor, able to accomplish all of those things (and more). But where do you even start?

Working as a freelancer means you work on your own time and are your boss. You get to decide what direction your business will head in, the investment required, etc. But as a freelancer, you have the much-needed discipline to run a successful organization. 

What exactly does a freelancer do? 

Freelancers handle contract work part-time or full-time and often sign agreements before starting projects. 

How much does a freelancer make in the UAE?

The average salary for a freelancer is AED330 per month in the UAE. However, note that this figure would differ based on the type of business.

Can anyone be a freelancer? 

To become a freelancer, you will need a residency visa and a work permit. Free zones where you can obtain these documents include Dubai Media City, Dubai Studio City, Dubai Production City, Dubai Knowledge Park, Dubai Design District, twofour54 in Abu Dhabi, and Fujairah Creative City. 

However, GoFreelance from Dubai's TECOM Group, founded in collaboration with Dubai Creative Clusters Authority, created a new program in 2018. You can also sponsor your family members. The goal is to draw more talent to the area by making it more inexpensive and straightforward to set up. 

How long does it take to become a freelancer?

Going independent may seem very enticing, but the procedure for acquiring a freelance visa may turn you off. Don't you have a tonne of paperwork to provide and papers to complete, after all? 

"The requirements vary by permit provider, but most will want you to provide your passport, bank details, a NOC from your sponsor, a bank reference, and education certificates or examples of work depending on the activity."

Important considerations 

Before going out on your own, Bobker advises you to make sure you conduct your due research. Do your research and confirm that you may obtain a freelancer's permit for the work you choose before applying. A lack of preparation will cause delays, so find out the particular needs. You will also be responsible for arranging your expensive medical insurance. 

Receiving payment can be a frustrating problem for many freelancers. Things might be difficult and unpleasant if you don't receive a regular paycheck. In particular, if you never or seldom receive payment on time. Some advice gives up on creating the piece since raising money might take a long time.

Benefits of freelancing in the Dubai economy

Here are some advantages of freelancing in Dubai:

1. Favorable work-life balance 

It is simpler to enhance work-life balance because of the flexibility of time, the capacity to work at your speed, and mobility. It is crucial for stay-at-home parents who wish to further their careers but have young children. 

When working as a freelancer, you can only accept jobs if you finish them before the deadline. You can control your workload and improve your ability to manage your work, personal, and social life.

2. Increased Income Margins 

When you start freelancing, freelancers accept any work to make money. As they work on various projects for various clients and advance in their professions, they begin to make more money for the same service than an employed counterpart, and you most definitely merit it!

You purchase your tools and cover all of your costs. 

3. Income Potential

There isn't much potential for advancement and professional enrichment in a typical "nine to five" job. People work for the same employer and complete the same tasks for years. Every day! This work doesn't help your career significantly, even though it may look like a safe and secure alternative. If you want to further your professional growth, freelancing is a fantastic option.

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