What is Web 3.0? Impact of Web3 on the freelancing

Feb 9, 2023

The term Web3 is making buzz around the world, and we are sure you have heard of it too. But what exactly is this? Simply defined- the Web3 or web 3.0 advocates decentralized internet powered by enormous usage of blockchain technologies.

Unlike the previous versions, Web3.0 platforms are not fully regulated by singular entities but is distributed across various ownerships. How will it benefit freelancers? Let us take a deeper look at how it impacts freelancing soon.

History of the Internet and Different Versions of the Web

Web 1

The Web, or WWW or the World Wide Web, is the central system for information retrieval on the internet. The first version, a.k.a the Web1, came in the 1990s and was just a collection of links and homepages. The websites could have been more interactive. Apart from reading stuff and posting straightforward content for others, there was only so much else you could do.

Web 2

Next came Web2, also referred to as the read/write version of the internet, as it allowed users to read and edit the computer code. This variant of the internet means users could create their content and publish it on blog sites like Reddit and marketplaces like Craigslist. Later, with the advent of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, content sharing soared to new heights.

Web 3

But along with the rise of content sharing, personal data and privacy concerns rose too. It is where the need to read and write and own a part of the internet came in. So on Web3, people are taking part in the internet protocols' governance and operation, thus becoming shareholders rather than just customers. Tokens or cryptos are represent the equity of decentralized networks known as blockchain systems within Web3.

How will Web3 change how we freelance today?

First and foremost is that Web3 is yet to become a prominent tech vision, and experts have estimated that the metaverse will become an 8 trillion dollar industry. Naturally, the need for developers and programmers is rising high. Web3 creates a more collaborative platform for everyone.

The metaverse will also enable freelancers to find more artistic, innovative and rewarding work. It's all about handing the power into the hands of technology.  

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Here are some of the upcoming freelancing jobs in Web3

1. Metaverse Advertisers and Architects

2. Metaverse fashion designers and NFT artists

3. Legal Consultation and Security Experts

4. Realtors to sell virtual land in Web3

5. Virtual Experiences Hosts and Organizers

6. Community Management

7. Crypto Marketing

8. Copywriting

9. Blockchain Developers

10. Programmers 

Metaverse will also change the way freelancers work and get remuneration. Payment in crypto coins means that your earnings will automatically hold the potential to grow.

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Freelance Marketplaces in Web3

cryptojobslist.com and themetaversejobs.com are working as any other traditional freelance marketplaces where one can apply by uploading their resume. 

Another popular way to get into metaverse jobs is to join a talent collective. Users can create a profile and leverage the network of these collectives to land Web3 jobs. 

Then there are Web3-native freelance marketplaces like Layer3, where Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) upload gigs that pay users in cryptocurrency. Layer3 is an open platform where all one requires is an Eretheum-compatible crypto wallet. 

Potential Risks for Freelancing in the Web3

The volatility of cryptocurrency is known by all and will be one of the biggest challenges in the Web3 transition. There is also less diversity in job roles, and most jobs currently in Web32 are for developers. 

However, the most significant disadvantage would be that the Web3-native freelance marketplaces require users to work "on spec," meaning they only get paid if the client chooses their work. Such volatility could be more attractive for freelancers who are used to the traditional working system.


Web 3.0 will usher in new technologies, including intelligent systems, semantic Web, decentralization, metaverse, digital assets, and others. Time will tell which of these technologies will dominate the Web, but Web 3.0 is almost here, and it's coming in a big way.

And you can witness the freelancing industry revolutionizing in the new shape of the internet!

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