Work Habits to Scale Your Freelancing

Feb 10, 2023

As a freelancer, you might face difficulty in managing time and productivity. Because you are your boss, you do not have anybody keeping tabs on your efficiency. You can scale your freelancing business only by keeping your work habits in check, all by yourself. 

Scaling your business is distinct from a growing business. Though the terms are often interchangeable, scaling is when you increase your revenues, but your input costs remain almost the same. The obvious way to do this for a freelancer is to boost your efficiency levels, focus on marketing and maybe tweak some of your work habits. Let us take a detailed look at how you can adopt better work habits as a freelancer.

Choose A Niche

The idea of choosing a specialty is not to pigeonhole yourself into just one type of work. It is to take advantage of your expertise and boost your business through marketing. Clients prefer an expert in his/. It will make you a more compelling choice over your alternatives rather than being a jack of all but master of none. 

Promote yourself

Another significant work habit for freelancers is to take time to promote themselves. Visibility is an absolute must if you wish to land more clients. Here are some ways to boost your visibility:

1. Be Active on Social Media

2. Upload Content Regularly

3. If you use any freelancing marketplace, be sure to update your profile regularly

4. Maintain your website

5. Add New testimonials

6. Use Email Marketing

7. Consider writing blogs or guest posts

8. Engage with your clients through networking events and webinars

Learn a New Skill

If you receive a lot of work inquiries for a specific service that is not your exact niche but a related one, consider enhancing your skill set to fulfill this demand. 

Clients seek you out for such services because you have the experience that fits the broader idea of it. A graphic designer, for instance, who creates print material, can have clients who require digital work. In this rapidly changing world, an opportunity to learn a new skill related to your niche shows up often. So make this a habit and learn new skills as a part of your work as a freelancer. With such additions, you can also justifiably increase your prices. 

Team Up and Collaborate

Consider teaming up if you do not want to learn a new skill. For instance, a freelance marketing writer and a marketing strategist can collaborate to offer clients their combined expertise. Why don't you consider subcontracting to another freelancer or company if you are fully busy? By working together or hiring someone else, you can reduce your workload and convey to your clients that you are reliable. Partners will probably repay the favor through commissions or including you in their projects and pass you opportunities.

Raise your prices reasonably

Remember to increase your rates as you continue to service your market, develop your experience, and gain more worth as a freelancer. Some independent contractors are reluctant to raise their rates out of concern for losing existing clients. However, when you execute with advanced notice, it is unlikely to lead to the loss of loyal clients. Periodic price hikes are crucial in safeguarding your bottom line and ensuring that you are adequately paid for your projects, whether you bill by the hour or by the project.


Bonus Tips:

Here are some other easy work habits that every freelancer must adapt:

1. Be picky with your clients. 

2. Don’t be a perfectionist

3. Have a strategy and stick to it

4. Make to-do lists

4. Have designated break time

5. Have a designated workspace

6. Review your work by the day and by the week 

7. Leave room in the schedule for any last-minute additions

8. Avoid Multi-tasking

9. Make Outsourcing and Automation your best friends


Remember that having time to unwind and recharge is crucial for you and your success for your freelance business to scale. This break is vital to keeping up your health and the motivation to solve problems creatively that you need to thrive as a freelancer.

Give time to your friends and family, or limit your work hours. It is probably the most significant work habit for freelancers, taking out some me time.

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