Guide to Marketing Yourself as a Freelance Yoga Trainer in Dubai

As a Yoga teacher, you elevate your lifestyle and earn intangible benefits while freelancing in Dubai. So, what are you waiting for? If you think of how to market yourself as a freelance yoga trainer, check out the article!

Are you someone with a passion for yoga? How to market yourself as a yoga trainer in Dubai? Creativity sells on its own. It's a hard reality in this world. Do you want to gain enough customers as a freelance yoga trainer? We all need to market our skills in some form or another. You are a freelance yoga trainer. I am sure you must be calm from within. So, patience would not be an issue for you as well. 

With yoga gaining traction around the globe, it has become quite a popular class to take now. If you are trained in these exercises and can teach, you can earn up to AED 17,700 a month as a freelance yoga trainer, including benefits such as housing, in Dubai.

Brief guide to the marketing tips for a freelance yoga trainer:

1. Sell your Name

The first step of marketing as a yoga instructor is to sell your name. Share your yoga pose pictures and aasan process videos online. Instagram is one such famous channel to do your social media marketing. 

When we think of Sports shopping, we think of Decathlon, Nike, or Puma. We set those brand images in our minds like that. Similarly, your yoga trainer image should be such that everyone remembers you when they think of learning yoga. The points mentioned below will help you further in this. 

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2. Your expertise (niche)

Yoga is of various kinds, Kundalini, Hatha, and so on. What is your specialization? 

The trending form is Power Yoga because many people now try to lose weight and stay fit. It is good too if you have knowledge of all kinds of yoga, but in the start, if you market only 1 or 2 types, it will be easier for you to gain customers/ clients.

Under an MoU between UAE and India for yoga cooperation, freelance yoga trainers must start their evaluation with a formal set of examinations. 

Make sure that you have achieved substantial expertise in the yoga form you want to provide training. Dubai offers a variety of proficient institutions that provide the standard 200 hours of training. You can get your certification from the following schools (not at all an exhaustive list, you can research more schools):

1. Trident Wellness Centre, Dubai Marina

2. Yogafirst

3. Zen Yoga

But don’t assume that once you’ve completed those 200 hours, you are eligible to become a freelance yoga trainer and do not require further knowledge. If you want to teach, you must put in the daily study and practice to stay in a mental and physical state. 

3. Time to be an influencer!

Yes, yoga is part of staying fit. You might have heard this quote ‘You are what you eat. It is undoubtedly true. Gather health, diet, and more food knowledge. It will help you guide your clients better. You can even start writing a blog.

Today, there is no better way to connect to people than by reaching their screens in the form of micro-content.

You must probably know, even yourself hooked on TikTok and reels. Yoga is a whole fascinating lifestyle. Use your training and skills to create content. You can post it on your social media platforms. In no time, you will have a little community following your page and interacting with you.

4. HealthifyMe

Share your skills and expertise on health apps such as ‘HealthifyMe’. It will promote your work and help you gain more clients. If you are part of this app, it will also help in making contacts and expanding the network base related to yoga training and learning. 

5. Connect with other bloggers (similar accounts interaction)

Look out for similar social media accounts. Connect with expert people in diet charts, yoga instruction, and fitness. Build an online network, your growing contacts will expand your network and, in turn, your business; in a way that will be hard to calculate.

Everyone on social media (especially the ones with the maximum followers) has struggled to market themselves. Try to learn from experiences.

Learn more about yoga teaching and healthy eating style to share with your network and grow your social media audience.

6. Youtube Channel

Do you have a YouTube Channel? Are you making videos with confidence? 

Increasing your reach on YouTube is difficult. Take the help of paid marketing, if viable, and expand your viewership. YouTube video reach has grown enormously in the past decade. It will help you become an established yoga instructor, both online and offline. 

NOTE: Do not compromise the quality and editing of the video. Visuals matter a lot these days. People usually judge everything by its cover. It is hard to accept, but it is a fact.

8. Use Facebook and Twitter for upcoming events (inform customers)

Inform your clients about your online/ offline courses on Facebook and Twitter. Attach all your Social Media channel links with it. You can let them know whether you are participating in an event or workshop and at what date and time. 

All this will increase engagement and bring more audience to your social media channels. 

9. Paid Marketing

Sharing is not enough at times when you want to connect with the entire world. We need to do paid marketing as yoga teachers to expand. Ad campaigns are not expensive if you target the audience the correct way. Use Google Analytics and select a perfect time slot to market your skill. 


Marketing yourself as a yoga teacher is easy if you follow the above steps. But please be patient in the entire process. Yoga teaching and marketing both start with patience only. 

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