Is Freelancing Legal in UAE? Know everything about being a freelancer in Dubai, UAE

Feb 10, 2023

Freelancing has emerged as one of the most practical possibilities for people who want to use their skills and work on a variety of tasks at once at their convenience, without typically needing office space and with flexible hours. As a freelancer in Dubai, UAE, you have the chance to work independently, build your brand, and eventually launch a business. Is freelancing legal in UAE? Read on to find out!

Freelancers are independent contractors who work for multiple companies instead of just one. The challenging aspect of this situation is that freelancer must independently manage their workload, priorities, and time while also being their boss. Moreover, hiring freelancers has equal benefits for employers and independent workers. When opposed to hiring permanent staff, it allows the hiring organization to choose from a wide range of freelancers, including foreign freelancers and experts in particular industries.

Is Freelancing legal in Dubai?

Yes, freelancing is legally allowed in the UAE. All you need is a permit or license from the government. You can self-sponsor for yourself with the benefits such as residentship, Emirates ID, bank account, and freedom to live and work in the UAE. 

However, if you are under a sponsorship (spouse, father, or employer), you need a No objection certificate (NOC) from your sponsor to confirm that they are OK with you working full time or freelancing.

UAE is a hub for many sectors, offering diverse opportunities for budding entrepreneurs to launch their own companies. Besides, it motivates independent contractors to take the next step and establish long-term enterprises in Dubai. 

The Emirate has launched initiatives across different industries and is attempting to digitize to give foreign investors and talented individuals a wide range of options to launch their dream careers or business. 

As more professionals and specialists start careers as freelancers, the UAE government introduces visa and work permit reformations promoting freelance work. These programs aim to expand the number of freelance jobs. Freelancers from around the world can now work independently in the UAE and eventually launch a business. In Dubai, there is a tonne of room for independent contractors to find work.

Currently, there are companies that hire freelancers in sectors ranging from IT to HR. Or else you can start your own business varying from designing to handicrafts.

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Common Freelance Jobs Available in the UAE

Content writing, Interior Designing, Digital marketers or public relations specialists, Translators of various languages, Babysitters or nannies, Web designers, Personal trainers, Online tutors and teachers, Project managers, Photographers & video editors, Graphic designers, IT Professionals

People can apply to other online job boards to work as freelancers and earn up to thousands of dollars per hour. Check out our previous blog on the activities you can engage in while freelancing.

Freelance License and Visa in Dubai

If you are in Dubai on a spouse or parent's visa, all you need to start working is a freelancer permit. Professionals employed full-time in the UAE must obtain a permit. But you'll need a No Objection Certificate from your sponsor or employer (NOC).

You must apply for a freelancer visa, which is effectively a residence permit that allows you to live and work as a freelancer in the Emirate if you aren't currently a resident of the UAE. Along with the freelancing visa, one must also apply for a resident visa.

Additionally, you must acquire a freelance UAE license to work as a freelancer in Dubai. You must apply with a copy of your passport to get a freelance permit. You will get the UAE freelancer license within 7–10 working days and a freelance visa within 15 working days.

To boost Dubai's reputation as a global hub for talent and innovation, the Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZ) recently unveiled the "Talent Pass" license for freelance employment in Dubai. There appears to be immense potential for the growth of freelancers would positively affect the economy. It is especially true when taking the enormous potential of the freelance industry and content writing in particular, as well as the government's efforts to provide a viable and conducive environment for freelancers in Dubai.

If you possess the essential skills, time, and talent to freelance, you can enjoy working on more projects concurrently with flexible schedules. Therefore, increased efficiency, productivity, and freedom are guaranteed. Now you know, so do not wait any longer! Seize the fantastic freelance work options available with a freelance license in Dubai

Are you still confused about freelancing? We have curated top FAQs that can answer your queries in our last blog.

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